Mama in a Pre-K panic

Today is the last day of our lives as we know them. Tomorrow, when my first-born starts pre-k, everything about our routine will change. As in, we will now have a routine. I have stayed home with Jack since he was born five years ago. Jack has been with Case every day since Case was born three years ago. This is every day, all-day pre-kindergarten. Which is not what I would choose if someone had asked “Heather, how would you like Jack’s pre-k schedule to be configured?” But no one did.

My husband just realized what a big change is coming but he is not having all these feelings like I am. He looks at me with a mixture of sympathy and amusement these days. Which, now that I think about it, is exactly how I would like everyone to look at me all the time. Just kidding. Back to the lamenting.

He is five now and he needs somewhere to  go and something to do. He is to the age of getting bored easily. Both my kids love to go places and ask me where we are going every single day. So, this will be good in a way. But, there’s a part of me that thinks back to when I was a kid and there was not only no pre-k but a lot of kindergartens were only half a day. And when my parents were kids, there was no kindergarten. So, since I like everything old better than everything new (except air conditioning- I would never rewind to before AC), I am just wondering why the rush.

And I have not even mentioned the whole part about being tied to a regimented schedule now. I realize this is very spoiled of me but this is my reality, people. Gone will be the days of going to see the grandparents on a Tuesday or going to spend a couple of weeknights at my mom’s while Spencer is gone for work. No more snuggling on the couch watching cartoons until everyone is ready to get moving every morning. And is Case going to need me to play with him every second of every day? And don’t even ask how much time I shall now be spending driving to school and back (they put us in the prek across town) and waiting in the drop off/pick up line (because I don’t know)! And pick up time is at Case’s nap time. It is all just a tad overwhelming. I am a fragile millennial snowflake. I can’t help it. I am a product of my time and place.

I was informed at enrollment that pre-k is not required in Oklahoma and I could actually just keep him home another year until kindergarten. That is the information that is keeping me upright at the moment. If this is all just not right for him, I could simply yank his butt back home. Of course, I could do that anyway if I wanted to homeschool but NO I DO NOT. I have not gone that far off the sappy end.

But I have gone pretty far off it. I’ve felt like I’ve had PMS for two weeks. You know, how you feel like if you see a kitten or someone holds the door for you or if the sunrise is especially nice how you might just start sobbing and never stop? Yes, that has been me. Just right on the edge of a sentimental break down. The other day at the store a nice lady talked to me in the line at Wal-Mart and she was so warm and funny as she commented on all the lunchbox stuff in my cart and my voice caught when I told her we had just moved to town and that this was my first year doing all this. I almost hugged her when I left but I thought that might be over her personal boundary line. I hope I run into her again and she invites me to lunch. Maybe I need something to really set me off today so I can get it all out before tomorrow.

I realize a lot of mamas have a hard time when they send their babies off to school for the first time. I feel like these are normal things to wonder: I feed him like 27 times a day- will he be hungry? Will they let him run around enough? Will he be thirsty? Will he be too nervous to go to the bathroom? Will he feel worried and miss me too much? Will he learn all kinds of terrible things from any of the kids? Will he feel like livestock being herded from one pen to the next? Okay, maybe that one isn’t so normal. And, because I really love and trust y’all, I’m going to confess this one, too. I would actually like to have a camera and an audio feed connected to his classroom so I can check in there. I mean, I am sure the teacher is a nice lady (how can you voluntarily spend your days with 25 4-5 year olds who you aren’t related to and not be a nice person) but I don’t even know her! Yes, I admit, I am a control freak about who I put in charge of my kids. I really think I should’ve been allowed to interview teachers and administer at least three personality tests as well as speak to their former teachers.

And since we are being honest here, I am also sad that the Brown brothers won’t be together 24/7 anymore. I like them being obsessed with each other. Am I fostering co-dependence? Maybe, but I don’t even want to hear about it right now.

I’m a little worried also about how I am going to be at being a school mom. I already tried to take Jack to meet the teacher night on Thursday only to discover meet the teacher night was actually on Tuesday. HOT MESS EXPRESS HERE, PEOPLE.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning. I experienced severe fatigue yesterday. I know I exaggerate a lot, but this is true. I kept falling asleep all morning until about noon. Jack had to get them both lunchables for lunch. Case spilled milk all over the side of the bed I was laying on and I didn’t even know it. I am hoping I had some sickness and that wasn’t some anxiety/depression coming out…

The other day my friend posted this blog and it has the best affirmation at the bottom. I want to read it and have my boys repeat after me each morning before school. I mean, I probably won’t because I’ll be screaming at everyone to just get in the freakin’ car before we are late again, but maybe sometimes.

It’s not all gloom and doom. I am excited, in a way, because I think Jack will like school and I know he will like making lots of new friends. And Case is going to be in Mother’s Day Out so I am going to have some time to try to find some things to work on. Plus, I do find that I’m more productive and efficient when I have a known schedule and routine in place. So, there are reasons to celebrate this new season of life for sure. But I’m going to do that on Monday, I think, after I grieve the loss of the old season first.

Love y’all, mean it. I’ll keep you posted. If you don’t hear from me, check the mental facility. 


Where I admit to suicidal thoughts- AND A GIVEAWAY (read to the bottom, it’s not all doom and gloom)

“Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself.”

Those two words were on a repeating loop in my mind as I drove to the small-town grocery store to get ingredients for the sides and dessert I was charged with preparing for the family Thanksgiving dinner. It’s pretty hard to give a crap about pound cake when your own brain is trying to convince you to off yourself but I’ve always been bound by duty and guilt.

I had to drive by a bar to get to the grocery store. Okay, I didn’t have to. I could’ve taken a different route but I didn’t because I thought if it got bad enough in that ten-mile stretch between me and the green beans I had to buy, I could go in and just get drunk. If I really started to panic, I could go in and chug even just two or three beers really quickly and I knew I would calm right down. I made a list in my head of all the reasons why it would be okay if I did stop at the bar on the way. I really, really wanted to. But I didn’t. Which was kind of the theme of this new job I had called “being a mom,” it seemed. It didn’t matter what I wanted to do. I had a baby at home and a husband who was also in his own period of adjustment and I doubted, though he is a merciful man, that I would be greeted with much sympathy if I arrived home smelling like a roadside honky tonk.

When I got home, I told my husband about the voice in my head. He looked after me and when my body adjusted to the meds, I was better off than before. I don’t want to seem dramatic and I need to be 100% genuine and tell you that even though I literally had the “shoot yourself” refrain playing in my head, I knew I wasn’t going to do it. I don’t know how or why but I knew I wouldn’t. If you ever feel uncertain about whether you will or won’t, call someone IMMEDIATELY.

It’s hard to know where to start talking about depression. I’ve had a post or two in the past, when I felt like I just had to spit something out. And each time I’ve done those, I’ve received private messages from women who want to know more. Because of that, I’ve always wanted to do a series or an e-book on my personal experience and the resources I’ve found and information I’ve gathered through it. But, it’s hard to find the time to figure out how to organize and encapsulate, in any kind of comprehensive way, an experience with so much nuance. (And honestly, it’s hard to want to when I know that focusing on it again will probably bring an attack or two back to the battleground.)

Each person is unique and each story is different. I want to be able to share my journey in a way that encourages others without suggesting that their journey would be anything like mine. When we face depression, we desperately want to feel that someone understands but I would bristle at any implication that someone did. Because I’m different and they don’t know.

But, until I ever get around to that series or e-book, here is what I can tell you. I did not ever know I struggled with depression or anxiety until I was 28 years old. I thought I was the opposite of someone who had those challenges as did most people who knew me. Turns out that I had just always slept or drank myself out of my bouts. Because for me, it always comes in waves. Maybe not for you. Sometimes I can pinpoint a trigger, like when we set the clocks back in November or when I hear about something sad and then everything after that seems sad and then I’m wondering why we even have to suffer through life on this Earth where people do horrible things. I did not ever understand spiritual warfare and I had no concept of the connection between the physiological things that play into depression such as our hormones or brain chemicals and pathways and the demonic lies our spirits can be vulnerable to. So, depression can be sneaky. 

There’s so much more I could ramble on about from my own perspective but instead, let me tell you about Hope Prevails. This is a new book from neuropsychologist, Dr. Michelle Bengtson about her own walk through depression. So, here we have an opportunity to learn from someone who understands the scientific and the human aspects of a trip down Struggle Street. Here’s what she says:

“My greatest shock came when I tried the same treatment suggestions I typically offered my patients- and they didn’t work. I tried medication, I participated in therapy, I ate right and exercised dutifully, and I even prayed and claimed healing. For me those things weren’t enough. Only when I started to understand what depression does to us spiritually, as well as what it cannot do, and then started cooperating with God did I finally begin to experience the chains of depression falling off. I wrote this book to share what worked for me and what can help you.”

And because she did and because I am so passionate about trying to throw life preservers out to a drowning world, I have a copy to give away. I know when I am depressed, the last thing I want to do is anything constructive that might actually help. (Think about that for a minute. Think about your urges or thoughts to do self-destructive things when you’re stressed out. Why would that be? When we know the healthy things but it’s the unhealthy things we are drawn to in a hard stretch, we have to think about why. It’s the enemy of your soul pouncing on an opportunity to hurt you, my friend.) So, if you aren’t currently depressed, now might be a great time to read this book! If you care about someone who may be depressed, this is the perfect time to read this book! If you are depressed and you want to read the book, by all means, enter the giveaway but if you don’t win, holler at me. We will figure something out to get you some help. Judgement free. For real.

As much as it almost makes me shiver to think about those darkest times, I am telling you the 100% truth that it was those times that caused my whole life to change. And by life I don’t mean circumstantial things, I mean my inner self because it was suddenly a fact that I had nothing but Jesus to help me. If that didn’t “work,” I was sunk. Nothing was “wrong”- I had a good life. I had meds and a supportive husband and good physical health and enough money and access to whatever else might help a person. And those things certainly made a difference, but they couldn’t accomplish the job on their own. Sometimes we don’t really get to know God until we have nowhere else to turn. Do you know that we have a promise from Him that says “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:)?” I am a new, deeper, more compassionate person because of what I went through with depression. And I am not fooled, I live knowing that I am probably not “all done” with depression for good. But it is okay now. I don’t struggle to breathe with that knowledge anymore. And I don’t want you to, either.

Dr. Bengston said, “I don’t ever want to go through anything that painful again. Honestly, I wouldn’t voluntarily choose to endure such pain, nor would I wish it on anyone. But now that I’m on the other side, I can see how even in the midst of such pain God was there. And truly, he used even pain for my good. For that I am thankful.”

You don’t have to answer this but I would love for you to think about it, no matter if you are currently on a mountain top or deep in a valley. Has there been something hard you have gone through that you can see God has used your pain for good somehow? If not, He will- in His own timing- if you give it over to Him and trust Him with it.

So, friend, enter this here giveaway. Here’s what you win:

  • Hope Prevails by Dr. Michelle Bengtson
  • A “hope” bracelet
  • A Hope Prevails scarf
  • An 8×10 encouraging print from Jenn Jett
  • A pretty 5×7 print
  • A journal from Sole Hope
  • Scripture memory bookmarks
  • There was a special Hope Prevails Hershey bar but I’m not going to lie to you- I ate it. Sorry.

Click here to enter and I’ll announce the winner next Monday (July 10, 2017)!

Thanks for being here with me. Love you as much as that Hershey bar I stole from the giveaway box (which is a lot).

How to upcycle furniture the easy (and cheap!) way- and how not to

I have some valuable info for all you crafty DIY types out there! Actually, if you are that type, you probably already know. So, maybe this info is for all those who, like me, create a crap storm of a mess every time you try to make stuff. I invented Pinterest fails. So, maybe you will learn or maybe you can get a laugh from this post. Either way, you win.

Let me start out by explaining what prompted all this artsy-ness. I’m involved with a local ministry and some of us decided to try an experiment. We each accepted a challenge to take $50 and multiply it in any way we could in order to use the profit to bless another woman. We originally had two weeks to do it, so that was my mindset and time frame starting out. Later, the deadline was actually extended so we could take advantage of Mother’s Day gift buyers, which led to my next experiment that I will share in a future post.

So, with a short time frame and $50, I had to do the quick hustle rather than craft some intricate Prestige Worldwide import/export economic asset optimization corporation. I made up that whole phrase. It literally has no meaning. Anyway, I’m pretty good at the quick hustle, having been pretty broke the good majority of my life.

Read more about how to do the quick hustle here.

So, I hit a few garage sales on a Saturday morning, looking for stuff to flip. It was a pretty lame garage sale day but I got a few things. I did not take before pics because I’m not a good blogger. I got a wooden kids chair, a small metal table and a wooden end table. The end table was $7.50 and the other two things were $4.50 together. That was a cheap deal because the lady didn’t have change for a $20 so she said she would take the ones I had on me even though I offered to go get change. So, I found two quarters to throw in. She originally wanted $5 each. (If you do the math, you will notice I was about to spend $10 but the lady only made me pay $4.50. That is a savings of almost 60 percent, people!)

Okay, so my thought was that I would paint the stuff and resell it. It was all sturdy, just kind of old and dirty and ugly. Well, guess what. Paint is stinkin’ expensive. I had forgotten that. So, I then spent a large chunk of my $50 buying paint. They only had one can of what I really wanted, which was chalk spray paint. So, I bought that and two cans of regular gray spray paint and a can of gold.

I painted the kids chair (which had a seat that lifted off so you could store toys in it) a dark gray. It took about a can and a half to get good coverage on it. I listed it on a local Facebook yard sale group and it sold for $20 right away.

I painted the small metal table gold and I still have it. It’s cute and someone should buy it. 

I painted the white end table with the light gray chalk paint and it turned out perfect. It looked so good. It sold quickly for $25. I love that paint.

I know it looks blue but it really was a pale gray with a white top.

The next week our town had their city-wide garage sale. I waited until the sales were over (for one thing because I was sick) and then went Sunday night driving around town looking to see if anyone had stuff that didn’t sell sitting out by the curb. They did but it was mostly junky stuff. EXCEPT for this one gem. It was a wooden glass top table with a magazine/book storage on the bottom and a lamp attached. It was the lovely late nineties hunter green and oak with a super gross and dirty lamp shade. But it was solid and we loaded that baby up. I brought it home and everything started to go downhill with my “free” score.

I knew that the hardware store was out of the Krylon chalk spray paint (about $8 a can at Ace Hardware) so I went to Wal-Mart to see what they had while I was buying supplies for my other projects. They had a Rust-oleum chalk spray paint (about $7 per can) and I figured they would work about the same. I was wrong. The Rustoleum was no bueno. It was drippy and didn’t stick as well and had worse coverage than the Krylon. So, since I had some left over primer, I just painted over it with that. Then, I used some white spray paint I already had in the garage. It just kept getting worse. I was trying to keep from spending more money on this thing so I just kept throwing more paint at it. Nothing was really working too well so I finally had to go back to the hardware store and get some cream-colored Krylon. It wasn’t chalk paint but at this point, I just had to work with what I could get. Of course, over all those other layers (I refuse to sand), there were imperfections showing through and there were some really hard angles to get even coverage on inside of the storage slots.

Good paint

Bad paint.

So, I still wasn’t happy with the results, even when I plopped a new lampshade on top. So, then (I’m sorry this is a long story), I painted the gold lamp parts with rubbed bronze that I already had here. It looked somewhat better but not up to my standards. Then one night I woke up at 3am with the remembrance that I had some antiquing glaze I used on my bathroom cabinets a couple years ago. Aha! I could hardly wait to apply it. (Some might say I have obsessive tendencies.) It did just what I hoped it would and I am now perplexed as to why no one has bought it yet. I will keep it if no one does because it’s really cute now but I would like to make some of this paint/lamp shade money back so we can have a higher profit for our mission!

So, the take-away here is this: ONLY BUY KRYLON CHALK SPRAY PAINT. If you buy it from this link, I get some money. I don’t know how much. Let’s try it and find out.

The end.

P.s. Look for my next post soon about the other DIY project I attempted. I had one win and one fail in that experiment. It involved time in the kitchen.



How to do the quick hustle

Just so you know, I invented the phrase “quick hustle.” I mean, it’s not copyrighted or anything but when it goes viral, I just want you to remember you heard it here first.



Anyhoo, here is how and why you do the quick hustle.

You might need to make a quick buck one day. You know, like when you are in school and can’t work full-time yet you have full-time bills and your tire explodes? Or you get laid off unexpectedly but you still need to buy your prescription? Stuff like that. It usually isn’t a way to make a lot of money but it should be enough to buy plenty of eggs and oranges to get you through (Did you know you could live off eggs and oranges and be healthy? I’m pretty sure it’s true).

Step 1. Sell everything non-essential. Decor off the walls is a great place to start. This used to be harder to do but then we got Craigslist and then, even better, we got Facebook yard sale groups. Literally sell everything you can. Sell small stuff for $5 because it will add up if you have enough small stuff. Yes, it takes time but desperate times call for desperate measures. You could have a garage sale if you have a ton of things but to me it seems like you can make more selling online item-by-item. If you have a car payment, GET RID OF THAT THING. Even if you are upside down, talk to your bank and see what you can do. Even if you don’t have a car payment, you might consider selling your vehicle if it is worth anything and buying a beater. I once got a $500 Honda that was all wrecked up but it ran like a champ! I drove it until I had a baby to consider. A car seat wouldn’t fit in the back because it was a two-door and the back seat was pretty smashed in. 🙂

Step 2. Look for free or super cheap stuff on Facebook yard sale sites and Craigslist that you can resell. Craigslist has a free section and some towns have “freecycle” groups on Facebook. This is not a guaranteed way to make money because obviously you never know when someone will be giving away something valuable but check often. Once I made a bunch of money because someone was moving and put a lot of stuff out by the curb for free. In that pile were two large dog crates! Hello! I knew I could sell those for at least $25 each. So look for things like that. College towns are so good at the end of semesters because of students moving and not being able to take things with them.

Step 3. Facebook has also made this step a lot easier. Ask everyone in the universe if you can clean their house and/or detail their cars. You have to do a good job on this because you might need to use it again some day and they aren’t going to hire you back if you do it half-way.

Step 4. Cancel any services that you don’t have to have. Yes, you basically do have to have the internet to navigate the world these days but if you are able to get to the library or anywhere else that has free wi-fi, do that. Cable TV is not essential.

Step 5. Don’t buy food until you have to (and then buy the cheap stuff like eggs and dried rice and beans and oatmeal). Use all the weird odds and ends that you have in the pantry. No lie, I once ate spaghetti for breakfast. It was actually super gross and next time I think I would just skip breakfast.

Step 6. Bake stuff to sell. Once again, thank you Facebook. If it is close to a holiday, you are in double luck. People are big on homemade cinnamon rolls and pies. It is best to secure the orders before you buy the supplies, that way you make sure you aren’t spending more than you will make.

Step 7. Go cash in your change jar. Please tell me you keep a change jar.

Step 8. Besides cleaning, sometimes people need other chores done, too. One thing I have done before is ironing. People like it when you can pick up the stuff, take care of it and drop it back off for them. It makes things easy for them and the easier you can make things for someone, the more valuable your services will be to them. You could grocery shop or run all kinds of errands.

Step 9. This is a great time to work those skills you have that other people need. If you know how to use a certain software or fix cars or roof a house, tell everyone in the world what you can do and ask if you can do it for them. Check the Craigslist “gigs” section too.

Step 10. You could babysit. I haven’t ever gone this far but you could.

Of course, if you are in big trouble or anyone in your house is going hungry, you need to reach out for help. Check the local food pantries. If you don’t know where to go, call a church and ask them. They can usually tell you who all in town provides what.

Also, the real step one is to pray.

Have you ever done a “quick hustle?” Tell us all about it!


Monat Review plus some new FREEBIES

Okay, everyone! If you haven’t heard of Monat, surely you will soon. It’s the hair product company (MLM) with the name no one knows how to pronounce. Please note: I AM NOT SELLING MONAT AND THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL REVIEW THAT I AGREED TO DO. I do not have any deals with anyone over this or anything like that. I just had a bunch of friends who were curious about it and so I figured I would try some samples and share my results.

The video cuts me off at the end but what I was saying was that lately I have been learning about internet marketing and selling things online. I want to share that info with the world! So, if you aren’t on my email list, you may want to subscribe because this is going to be good stuff for everyone! Stay-at-home-mom who want to sell something online, network marketers, business owners, communication professionals, etc will all benefit from my newfound knowledge. So tune in!

Also, the two new freebies I mentioned are up but have not been shared anywhere. If you are interested in either of these, just click the link to the one (or both) that you want.

  1. An ebook that I wrote a few years ago and forgot about until now. I did it back before Canva (which is a site where you can design all sorts of images- if you want to know more about it, holler at me), and I did it on PowerPoint and then I guess I didn’t know what to do with it from there. But now I do! It is a short guide on being an extrovert who stays at home.
  2. This is an audiofile of a short talk I gave at church last Mother’s Day. It is about John 15 (the vine and the branches) and growing your personal relationship with Christ in a way that lets you experience supernatural power here in your time on Earth. It’s only about 10 minutes long!

If you know anyone who could benefit from either of these things, please share this post with them (you can copy and paste the link in a message or email to them).

Now, the review.

I made a new friend (and she wants to give you something)

Yes, as goofy as I am, I occasionally make another friend besides you. And this gal is a good friend to have because she likes to produce tons of awesome resources and then give them away. FOR FREE! (Speaking of “fo free,” does anyone remember this sweet video?)

Becca is a young mom with a delightful English accent and apparently her stuff all together. I mean, her tagline over at Homemakers in Action is “Help for the undomesticated homemaker.” Hello. That’s me. She’s not only kicking tail at the whole homemaking thing, but she’s also doing impressive things as an online business owner. Hello. That’s future me. So, as you can see, Becca and I are a match made in Heaven. She has what I need and I need what she has. And, because you’re my friend, I thought you might be interested in what she has too.

Check it out. The Time Management Toolkit. Um, yeah. Let’s get one of those. Okay, it’s free and look at what all is in it. This blows me away, seriously. #freebiegoals #Iwanttomakeallthethings

  • A video training guide on goal setting (I have got to work on goal setting!!)
  • A 10-page goal setting workbook
  • An 11-page morning and evening routines workbook
  • A printable and customizable habit tracker
  • A time management apps checklist
  • Cheat sheets for self care, cleaning and prayer hacks (prayer hacks! that cracks me up, I don’t know why)
  • 3 motivational posters for you to print out and display in your home

So, that’s it. Just some free stuff you might like. And while I am focusing on the Time Management Toolkit, Becca has tons of other free resources on her site so feel free to shop around!

I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

Ps I have a new free thing coming soon! It is already done, I just have to find time to post it!


If you want to hear me talk about the giveaway, watch this video. If you just want to enter the giveaway, click here. If you want to know what all this is about, read this:

Because I love you, I’m doing a giveaway for Mother’s Day! Yay! You do not have to be a mama to win. Sign up for yourself, to gift to your own mama or to give to your baby mama! This giveaway ends at midnight on Friday so the time is short! Hurry!!!

The Heather Brown Project’s by heather741
Giveaway includes the following:

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Pretty journal ($6)
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No shipping charge (Trust me on this that I spent at least $20 on shipping for all this stuff. Worth it because, again, I love you.)

Now go, go gooooooooo!!!

Ps: This is THE LAST day you can order the UHB. Did you forget what the UHB is? Click here to learn more.

It’s pretty much like Christmas

It’s not like you expected homemaking to be a piece of cake. 

But you had no idea you’d be so tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed, right?

Don’t ask me how I know! When I first became a wife and mom years ago, I needed GPS to find my way around the kitchen. Oh, and developing systems to efficiently handle cleaning? The word “systems” just makes me laugh.

Homemaking is filled with mundane tasks that never end (hello, laundry), but here’s the thing: do you want to spend more time overwhelmed by things you don’t enjoy?

No, no, you do not.

So what if you could find resources to help you become better at homemaking (and maybe even learn to love it)? Ready to level up on that whole “turning a house into a home” thing?

Well, look no further, because I found something that might be just what you need: The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Don’t let the title fool you- yes, it’s for full-time homemakers, but it’s for working mamas too. We know y’all still have to cook and clean and raise them babies!

For six days only, everything you need (and then some) is in one fabulous package, for the most affordable price ever.

This year’s edition of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle includes 50 ebooks, 21 eCourses, 14 printables, 2 videos, 2 audios, 2 summits, and 1 membership site.

These top-quality resources cover everything you need to make homemaking and mothering feel less stressful… quick & healthy recipes, homemaking printables, cleaning tips, sizzling date night ideas, parenting helps, and so much more.

For less than the cost of a meal out (and you won’t need to be rescued by drive-thru after this!), you’ll get a complete library to help you:

  • Cook up wholesome recipes for your family
  • Build stronger relationships with your kids (even your teens)
  • Discover speedy cleaning routines for the toughest messes
  • Rekindle the romance in your marriage
  • Put self-care back into your life
  • and finally enjoy homemaking.

Plus, it comes with over $290 worth of bonus offers from companies you’ll love (this is one of my favorite parts).

You sort of need to see it to believe it, but the package includes 106 digital products and it’s worth over $1980!

Besides being so incredibly helpful, one of the things I like best about the bundle is the price. By offering it for a short time only, they’re able to give you access to over $1980 worth of amazing products for a whopping 97% off! (You don’t have to do the math- it’s $29.97.)

FOR A SHORT TIME, YOU CAN GET THE EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL! It’s a FREE eReader upgrade for the first 2 days (through 10:59 p.m. CST on Thursday, April 27th); after that the upgrade will be $10. That means not only will you get the downloads, but you will get the Kindle version also!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit their website, take a quick look at all the goodness that comes in this package, then click the “Get my copy now!” button to go through their simple and secure 3-step checkout process.
  2. You’ll receive an email with a login to their online access portal, where you’ll begin downloading your eBooks, signing up for your eCourses, and redeeming your free bonus offers.
  3. Use their Getting Started Guide to pick the topic you want to tackle first and start your stress-less homemaking journey!

The most important detail, though, is that this bundle is available for just six days! After Monday night, May 1st, the sale ends and you’d have to buy all of these products individually.

I’d hate for you to miss out, so click HERE to learn more or buy the bundle.

Don’t worry about not liking it. If for some reason you wanted your money back, it’s even backed by a 100% happiness guarantee, so you can make sure it’s right for you.

No one should have to feel overwhelmed by homemaking because it costs too much or they can’t get the help they need.

Surviving as a homemaker is one thing. Becoming efficient as a homemaker is another. And fully embracing all the messy moments and hard times and loving it (most days) is yet another. But it’s not out of reach. (So I hear.)

Learn more or get your bundle HERE.

(Psst… the bundle goes away at 11:59pm Eastern on Monday, May 1st, so don’t wait!)


5 ways to use up that leftover Easter ham

Y’all, Easter was just yesterday and I’ve already eaten a ham sandwich on a hot roll for supper last night and a ham and egg biscuit for breakfast this morning. I still have a huge pile of ham in the fridge (Why did none of my guests take any with them? Why did I buy the biggest ham in America? How does the Posi-track on a Pontiac work?). I feel like I better get creative before lunch rolls around. I have gathered up some recipes and decided to share them in case you are like me and you want to put that tasty, delicious pork to good use and not get tired of ham sandwiches. Check out the links below to find your new love!

What’s your favorite way to have ham?

Ham &  cheese puff pastry bake– Similar to a sandwich except a million times better

Ham and green lentil soup– It’s healthy because it has lentils.

Scalloped potatoes and ham from the Pioneer Woman- If you also have leftover scalloped potatoes…jackpot!!

Ham, cheese and veggie quinoa frittatas– these are great for a make-ahead breakfast!

Cobb salad from Damn Delicious- Sorry for the cuss word but her recipes will never let ya down.




Writing your child’s birth story

What day of your life has a bigger impact than the day your kids are born? It’s the day everything changes! It would be such a shame to lose those precious, amazing memories to the foggy haze of sleep deprivation and newborn overwhelm!

That’s why I created this worksheet to help walk you through the process of writing about the day your baby was born!

I’m a storyteller and a storyreader by nature so it seemed automatic that I would record those momentous occasions for posterity. Plus, I weirdly love reading other people’s birth stories. When I published the posts to my blog, I got so many messages from people saying they loved reading about our experiences. I guess it is such a personal thing that we may not always get to glimpse these intimate details about one another.

Whether you care to share your story with the whole internet or not, it’s still important to record. I promise that one day your kids will want to know every detail of the day they entered the world. But, I also realize that all those details can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know what to write. So, that’s why I came up with the Free Birth Story Worksheet. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to document this occasion.

And what better time to roll it out than leading up to Mother’s Day (which is next month, people)? Whether you take the time to fill it out for yourself as a way to reflect and remember your experience OR if you are a dad who does it for the mother of your child, it will be a sweet thing. (Seriously, if you are a dad you should do this and make your wife cry and she will think you are a shining star. If you know a dad who needs some brownie points, go ahead and share this post with him!)

In case you are interested, here is the story of Jack’s birth and the story of Case’s birth, both written soon after the actual day. I may need to revise these before my kids can read.

If you want to share your stories with me after you write them, PLEASE send me a link or just an email if you aren’t publishing it. I truly would love to read your baby’s birth story. Have fun!

P.S. I know some birth stories are hard or don’t have happy endings. Please know that my heart goes out to you, mamas (and daddies). For me, though it may be painful, writing about traumatic experiences is really healing. I hope it is for you too. If you ever want prayer, please contact me and I will be honored to lift you up.

Have you written your child’s birth story? Click here to sign up to receive the free worksheet in your inbox!