Burn, baby, burn!

Well, Friends, I had a pretty darn cool weekend. First of all, on Friday, I got my packet from Compassion. Poor Matt called right after I received it and I was sitting on the couch crying, reading about six-year-old Deyvin from Nicaragua. I recently decided to be a sponsor and can’t wait to send my kid a letter and picture. I have a confession to make, though. Well, a maybe-confession. I’m not too sure really, but it has crossed my mind that maybe I’m trying to satisfy some weird instinctual need to be a mom. I’m concerned about this only because lately, just about everyone my age has a kid or is pregnant. What if it’s subconsciously starting to wear on me that I’m nowhere near the baby-havin’ stage of life? I’m pretty sure that’s not what prompted me to become a sponsor but it might be what makes me want to show his picture to everyone and call him my kid (and maybe why I like to emphasize that I have the only blog that’s not about babies. Literally the only one.). Anyway, I’m hoping that I don’t get all creepy about it and weird his actual mom out. Cause that would be awkward for everyone. But seriously, it’s a cool deal and if you think you can’t afford $38 a month to change a kid’s life, you’re rude. Because I know you spend that much on worthless crap even if you’re broke. So, check it out!  

Second of all, I completed my first 5K. Yes, I, Heather Condict, the anti-runner, finished a 5K without dying and I didn’t suck as bad as I thought I would. My time was 37 minutes, which ain’t quick, but I felt like greased lightning. I trained for 6 weeks and it really paid off because when I first started, I could barely wog (That’s walk/jog, which is what I do. Kinda shuffling, if you will.) for three minutes straight. I have something to say about that now. Are you listening? Good. I have seen “Finish a 5K” or “Walk/run a 5K” on about 896 bucket lists. Quit jacking around and do it, Friend. It’s hard if you aren’t an athlete, but it’s not impossible for anyone who can walk. You can walk as much as you need to. Some lady pushing a stroller beat me, okay?    

And she looks dang happy about it too. What a hussy.


 You don’t have to win. No one expects you to be the best your first time. Just make a commitment and stick to it. And don’t just sign up and then forget about it until race day. Put forth some effort to make it worthwhile! You’ll feel like a stud once you accomplish something you never thought you could. It doesn’t have to be a race, but if there’s some way you can challenge yourself, do it. It’s good for ya. BTW, I’m doing another one on Oct. 9th  and I’ve got a goal of 35 minutes. Come join me if ya can!  

I wanna slap thank Sweet Baby Rae for forcing asking me to do it with her. Thanks also to Leslie and Whit for being a part of it. It was great to do something so cool with  people so cool (even though you beat me).  

Please forgive me. I think I was drunk on endorphins.


And thanks to my little darlin’ face of a mama for coming out to cheer for me. Even though you were sitting on the tailgate talking to Nate (Who finished the race in 21 minutes. Seriously.) when I crossed the finish line. Eating an egg mcmuffin. Drinking a cafe au lait or something. Just kidding. Seriously, I’m glad you came!  

This is the best my mom has ever smiled in a picture. Sweet victory.


 Now that you’ve had your lecture pep talk, go out and rock at life this week! Love y’all!  

P.S. Wanna kill some time? Check out this nifty blog I ran across yesterday. It’s a lady who writes love letters to the soulmate she hasn’t yet met.  

P.S.S. Sorry for all the strikethroughs today. I’m obviously very conflicted.

10 thoughts on “Burn, baby, burn!

  1. Cathy

    Keep ’em coming, you sweetheart. Doing my best to “go out there and rock at life this week.” Doubt I’ll be ready for October 9th, but would love to get in on the training routine!

    1. heatherok

      Cathy, here’s my training routine so far this week: Monday-Boomer, Tues-nothing, Weds-nothing, Thurs-nothing and Fri-probably nothing. Aren’t I doing great?! I’m blaming a sinus infection!

  2. Cathy

    I hope Spencer delivered the message that I was at Boomer on Monday, but I never saw you! I told him he sucked for doing that thing in 30 minutes the first time out. Blame it on his stride. I hope his foot still hurts! (kidding) Have a blast on Saturday, one stride at a time!

    1. heatherok

      No, he did not deliver that message! It is so not fair how fast he is. Thanks! I think I’m gonna take a running break for awhile and find some new workouts to do. I’m tired of running. hahaha

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