Crazy ’bout Craigslist…again!

Let’s have another dose of crazy craigslist crap (like my alliteration?) so that all you normal people can understand just what kind of weirdos are really out there. It’ll make you feel better. Unless one of these items is yours. In that case, you have bigger problems than me making fun of you.

I’m going to hope that this person isn’t an OSU student. Unless they’re an athlete, then it’s okay.

If you get this joke, it’s really funny. If you don’t, it’s gonna seem really dumb.

I need this person’s address. I want to go slap them.

If you are looking for my Christmas present, please consider this!

I already thought this was funny because of the name and because I had no idea what it was. It was even funnier after I googled it.

Alright, so those are my top five for this time. It was homecoming this weekend so I feel lucky to report we are all still alive.  

Have a good ‘un, friends!

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