Crazy ‘Bout Some Craigslist!

Welcome to another edition of “CBC!” Now, let’s get started…

In case you haven’t got outfits for your triplets Christmas pics yet…

Why? If you buy this, I’m turning you into “Hoarders.”

In case you don’t get channel 34… where that show is on a constant rotation.

Dare ya to email your outlandish ideas here.

In case you want to sell out/pimp your friends.

These are for that gal that just can’t get over 1997.

In case you want to be like Delta Burke on Designing Women. As long as you don’t have a picky billy goat.

But, in all seriousness, folks, there are some super-good deals on Bedlam tickets right now on Stillwater craigslist. $120 for a student ticket. They’ll be way more than that next week.

Have a good day! Condict, out!

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