Cinnamon and sugar. And couscous.

I have a new love. I have found what I’ve been searching for. I can die happy. All because of couscous. Did you know they sell this stuff at Wal-Mart? And did you know that you can cook it just like instant rice in five minutes? And did you know that you can put sugar and cinnamon on it and have a little piece of heaven in your mouth? Do you even know what couscous is? Well. It is tiny and grainy and kind of reminds me of a cross between rice and grits. I love it. I discovered this little gem thanks to E-Mealz, which is a meal-planning resource that Spencer found on Dave Ramsey’s website.

You print out the shopping list and go to town. I’ll give you a review after a week or two. I don’t think I can be fair based on my shopping experience. I really hate Wal-Mart and I really, really hate looking for things I don’t know how to find at Wal-Mart. So, the couscous was a challenge and a fellow shopper who witnessed my almost-meltdown/panic attack had to help me.

This is random, but I love Spencer so much and sometimes I’m such a damaged, crazy girl. I wish y’all could just see how well, how kindly and rationally, he can treat me when I’m having a nonsensical freak out. But then you would see all my crazy hanging out and I actually like to keep that to myself as much as possible. Just look at this picture and try not to want to hug him. It’s hard. Real hard.

I'm so glad this isn't our life anymore! Yay for graduation!

Anyway…American Idol was great. I loved it. Except, I want Steven Tyler to not make that screeching sound he makes every five minutes. We get it. It’s your thing. We won’t forget. Now, let’s move along, Sir. How charming is J-Lo? I hate her. She’s pretty and nice. GEEZ. Not fair.

I’m recovering nicely from my treadmill fall, thanks for asking. What’s that? You didn’t hear? WELL. Some jack-wagon left the  treadmill running at the gym the other night. In all my usual grace and agility, I stepped onto the thing without realizing it was already on. Just picture that for a minute. Just imagine. Spencer was in the other room and I can’t decide if that is good or bad. I probably could’ve used his moral support after bouncing around like a mackerel before gaining (notice I didn’t say REgaining) my footing, but maybe it’s best he not see me that way just yet. I somehow managed to hurt my knee, my wrist and my shoulder without actually ever hitting the ground. It was all a blur. I’m probably going to sue for about 14 million dollars soon.

6 thoughts on “Cinnamon and sugar. And couscous.

  1. Tabi

    Heather, I can always depend on you for a good laugh! Me & some co-workers were JUST this morning talking about people falling off treadmills in our gym!!!! Then I see this post!!! hehe! I really do hope you’re okay, but I really did have to laugh!!

  2. Cathy

    You know I love that pic of Spank! More than that I love that fact that you used the word “nonsensical.” It reminds me of the description of the thought process of the folks I work with on a daily basis, (no, not my co-workers) I actually use it when updating their physician on their present state of cognition! Love couscous as well. Look at a recipe for “frog eye salad!” Lovin’ you guys! Hope to see your place soon, invite me, dau-in-law-to-be!-cathy

  3. Laurie

    Can’t believe you didn’t call and tell me about your near-death experience! Hope you’re not too sore. Can’t wait to see you tonight!
    P.S. – Bring me something good to eat. Please and thank you.


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