Okay, people. I am here. I am here to talk about shoes. I know I have been gone awhile but I have been BUSY! I am loving my job but it’s keepin’ me on my toes and off the blog. Speaking of toes, that marble floor at the Capitol is H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks on my feet. As you may or may not know, among my many character flaws is a serious lack of fashion sense. Well, maybe not a lack of sense (I’m pretty sure I can differentiate between fashionable and non-fashionable people, I just can’t apply that to myself.) but more of a comfort-over- style attitude. Also a cheap-over-expensive attitude. Which culminates into me lookin like a ragamuffin half the time. Well, let me tell ya, these lady lobbyists aren’t messin around with style. There are some very chic chicks around that building. As one representative has pointed out, to be a lady lobbyist, one must wear the highest, skinniest stilletos one can find. If not, St. Peter won’t let you into heaven. I’m willing to risk St. Peter’s strictness on that one. I didn’t read anything about it in the Bible so I think I’m okay. BUT, if hot shoes were a ticket to heaven, I’d be headed straight south. Check out these little gems of comfort:

Anne Klein-"iFLEX"

Yes, they look like man shoes. Yes, there was an uncomfortable moment alone on the elevator with a lady who likes other ladies. But guess what…my feet don’t hurt, y’all! Holla! When I really want to spice it up, I break out these bad boys:

I like to call these my Pimp Shoes

Those are Kathy Van Zeeland. I got both pairs of these ugly lovelies on sale at Steinmart and I think they were only about $50 together. Notice the heel grippers in both pair. An absolute must.

So, my sore foot drama is getting a little better. I have been trying heels on Thursdays because they are generally shorter days. Of course, I do keep the flats in my briefcase for safety reasons. I have heard BCBG makes some good heels with platforms to cushion the balls of your feet. I’m going to try some. And maybe wedges. Or, I might just stick to my man shoes and pimp shoes. We’ll see.

In the meantime, if you really want to hear about shoe drama, here’s this little nugget from way back in the day. But don’t listen if you don’t want to hear the F-word. Cause I’m pretty sure it’s in there.

Peace and love, baby! Leave me comments if you have comfy shoe suggestions!

4 thoughts on “Shoes!

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  2. Lynn

    Right on! Heels are the modern day version of foot-binding. My feet are terribly picky I suppose. I can’t wear cheap shoes. Hush Puppies, Rockport and (recently discovered) Earth are my brands.

    I found the link to you at Dustbury.

  3. cathy

    Heather- So happy you are back. I know you have been BUSY, but I need your humor. What’s your size? No, you can not count on me for fashionable, but you can count on me for getting second looks-mostly in a good way. The video cracked me up. Tanner had shared that with me a year or so ago and we both rolled in the floor! The %#*$(% (s) with the heels will go south for thinking it matters! Love ya.


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