My sweet new ride

Everybody knows I’m a tight-wad. Some might even say that tight-wad doesn’t really even cover it. I had a boss once that told me I reminded him of an Oklahoma Baptist in the Dust Bowl. I think it was because he saw me in the break room rinsing out my Zip-Loc bag (okay, let’s be honest, it was the Equate “zipper bag”) that I carried my sandwich in every day. I said, “Thank you.” I like being a cheapskate. Because I don’t really think I’m that cheap, I just think everyone else is living beyond their means. And I have been, too, for about the last year.

Last July I bought a car. Which really means I financed a car, right? It’s a 2008 Pontiac G6 and by far the newest car I have ever owned. I named her Sylvia. I bought it because I was living in Stillwater and driving to OKC for work and I wasn’t sure how long I’d be doing that. My old pick-up (Ole Whitey) was on its last leg and, seeing as how I am about as good a mechanic as I am break-dancer (not that good), I was afraid of breaking down on the highway. But, these days I don’t have far to travel. So, it has been swirling around my little brain lately that it really is a waste for me to be making these payments AND paying for full-coverage insurance when I barely even go anywhere. So, Spencer just happened to find this little gem on Craigslist the day before yesterday.

1995 Honda Accord

Not bad, right? AND, she was only $500.

Ain’t she a beaut?! I’m thinking the price may have had something to do with the view from behind. Kind of like how Spencer got me for a bargain for the same reason. Oh, snap! Anyway, she runs great so I’m on a new adventure. Now I have to sell mine. Oh, Silvia. How I will miss thee. But not your payments.

I am thinking the new one gives me a little more street cred as a cheap skate. So, what should we name her (him?)? Black Betty? Night Rider? Fancy? Whaddaya got?

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