Best Ever Crazy ‘Bout Craigslist

For those who are not familiar with Crazy ‘Bout Craigslist, it is an exciting event whereby I post random, funny and scary ads that I find on the OKC Craigslist. I usually reserve CBCs for times when I have nothing else to say but don’t want people to forget about me. I am doing this unneeded Crazy ‘Bout Craigslist just so I can post this one ad. But it’s at the end so just  enjoy the anticipation, k?

Apparently, people really do spend time and money on this. I thought it was just something they made up in Hollywood for the nerds to do.

I thought this meant I could buy a handy man for $2000. I thought it sounded like a great gift idea for a single lady. Guess not.

I have no jokes about this. It’s just weird and the price is a joke in itself.

Emergency! If you have one, please contact these people! You can tell how much they need it by their USE OF ALL CAPS. But make sure it’s good and reasonable.

I know a lot of women who would think this was a GREAT gig. My mom apparently didn’t, judging by her response when I emailed the ad to her.

So, yeah. That’s for real. Please notice at the bottom where it says you get $1 per kick.


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