Miss picky britches

I know what I like. I generally think of myself as pretty laid-back and go with the flowish, but I can be really picky, too. I was looking at shoes online and going through the checklist in my head and started wondering if my pals do the same thing too. Here are a few examples:

Work shoe pickiness:

  • No peep toe. My second toe is longer than the first and it gets squished out the peep hole. It’s not cute. Actually, it’s really hideous.
  • Must have platform. This is to provide a buffer between my feet and the marble floors at the Capitol.
  • The sides of the heel can’t come up too far because it will rub my ankle bones.
  • I like a strap across the front. Or a zip-up front. This keeps the shoe from falling off my foot when they get all sweaty.
  • If there are straps, I like them to have non-conspicuous elastic attached.
  • I like heels or wedges better because flats end up being just as uncomfortable and probably not looking as cute.

So, there. Now, imagine me trying to buy shoes. And don’t forget, I only buy things that are on sale. Yeah, it’s rough. Now, here’s a little taste of my home searching experience.

Home purchase pickiness:

  • Must include at least 2.5 acres. That’s really smaller than we want but we could probably deal.
  • Must not be on a barren lot. We need trees. Mature ones.
  • Must not be a new brick house that looks like every other brick house built within the last ten years. You know what I mean. They’re pretty, but they’re not us.
  • Must have a shop with a cement floor.
  • Must not have any HOA or covenants or any other such nonsense about neighbors telling me what kind of mailbox I have to have.
  • Must not be within city limits because just for starters, I’m going to have chickens, two pigs and at least one donkey.
  • Must be within 30 miles of Spencer’s office.
  • Must have three bedrooms and at least one and a half baths.
  • Must fit the budget.

Okay that’s all I can think of right now. Some people are probably shocked judging by some of the places I have rented but that’s different. When we buy something we want it to fit all these things so that we can hopefully be content there for a long time! At least we aren’t in a rush right now so we can wait for what we want!

So, do you do that? Do you have mental checklists about certain things? Also, I really enjoy for the big forks to remain with the big forks and the small ones to remain with their own kind.

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