Also about my dying flowers

It’s not all my fault (trust me, it never is).

I was cleaning up my files and found these videos. It may not explain the shriveled up flowers in the front but I’m pretty sure it explains the disappearing ones in the back.

And this one, too…

Y’all. I have even spread dog hair that I got out of my vacuum around the plants. It was totally disgusting. But the squirrels don’t care. These little buggers are devious. If I lived in the country they would be goners as soon as we had our first freeze. Yep, Spencer would be dining on fried squirrel and squirrel and dumplings. He’s lucky I can’t shoot them in the city because he doesn’t really like dumplings.


2 thoughts on “Also about my dying flowers

  1. Lauren

    Hey, my husband’s cousin sits on the back porch (in city limits!) and shoots at squirrels with a .22- he feeds them to his pet snake. It’s basically the classiest thing ever.


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