My first giveaway!

Yes, I have finally achieved the bloggy greatness of being able to host a giveaway. Not that I’ve been sponsored or that anyone wants to give me free stuff to give to you. No, I’m just going to give you some junk I don’t want. So, I haven’t actually achieved anything. Other than winning this sticker from Oklahoma Today.

It was pretty cool of them to send me a sticker. It was just a little deal on Twitter for naming a good Oklahoma landmark. I named the big spider car along the highway in Lexington. Brooke had a post about it recently and it just made me recall all the times of my youth driving past it. So, I got a sticker for telling them about it. Thanks, y’all!

And, while I do love to proclaim my Okie-ness, I am not a hippie. Or a yippie. I just invented the term yippie. It is to represent a combination hippie/yuppy. You know who I’m talking about. A hippie with money, basically.

I can’t put a peace sign on anything I drive. It sends the wrong impression. Before long I’d be driving a Subaru, drinking my Panera Bread coffee and wearing loafers without socks. You know what comes after that. No bra. And that’s just dangerous. So, dear friends, I have decided to offer all you hippies and yippies a chance at this mahvelous sticker.

First one to leave a comment on this page (not on facebook, twitter or my email) gets it. I don’t care what the comment says, just write something (it wouldn’t hurt you to write something interesting). I will even mail it to you for free. Because you’re a hippie (or a yippie) and probably want someone else to buy stamps for you. But don’t post your address because then all the serial killers who read my blog will know where you live. I’ll get it from you later. Just the comment, please.

Thanks. I love you.

9 thoughts on “My first giveaway!

    1. Heather @ CrawdadsInMySink

      And the winner is…JOSH! Josh, Spencer and I were just talking about you last night. Remember that time you crashed in that corner chair across from the wall heater at our shack on Knoblock St? And you almost melted to it? HAHA! Okay, message me your address and I’ll mail it to you. You need to represent down in TX anyway.

  1. Stephanie

    I totally needed this. Not only do I drive a Subaru, but I frequently wear loafers without socks! (Always wear a bra though.) My boyfriend drives a Subaru too and wears Birkenstock sandals. It’s like this sticker was made especially for us to have a yippie-fight over!!


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