You just can’t use the “F” word

Good grief and heaven above, I am more sick than I can even remotely begin to express of the “F” word.

When we were kids in a time long ago and far away, I’m pretty sure my brother got his butt busted once when my sister told on him for saying the eff word. The eff word she was talking about actually turned out to be “fart”, much to my mothers relief. Of course, that news came out after the whoopin’ but “fart” was a cuss word then, too, so oh well.

My mom thinks that the f-bomb is just the worst thing that has ever happened to the universe. It really gets her panties in a wad. I’m starting to feel the same way. Not necessarily because of the word itself but more because of what its extreme use says about our society. It’s just so uncivilized anymore. There’s no decorum. I like decorum. And professionalism. And manners. And knowing the time and place for things.

It’s used so frequently that I think any fun shock factor it may have once held is gone now. I’m just tired of it. I find it boring. It’s not creative. It doesn’t help you show off that vocab list you learned in sixth grade. It doesn’t make you sound cool any more than smoking makes you look cool.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone standing near me in boot camp has probably heard it at the end of a round of Russian twists.

I guess I just miss the days when fart was the big “f” bomb in my world.

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