Bring Bennett Home

Hello, World! I have been a little absent not only from Crawdads In My Sink, but pretty much the whole rest of the universe lately, too. I’m working on a post about my labor and delivery but since my labor took about 56894.5 hours, that’s about how long it’s taking me to write about it. So, I’ll share that and some other thoughts on the heaven/hell that is newborn time here pretty soon.

Today, though, I’m writing to ask for your prayers and support for a sweet little family who lives in Sayre. I have known McKenzie since before I was born if that’s possible. Her mom and my mom were BFFs before BFFs was a thing. McKenzie is married to Chris. After struggling with infertility, they adopted little Tucker when he was born a couple years ago. Now they are about to take in a new baby boy, Bennett. Bennett is scheduled to be here in October and they just found out about him. So, they need to raise some money to help bring the new little one home. Please check out this Facebook group if you are interested in helping. And visit ‘Kenzie’s blog if you want to read a pretty neat story.

Thanks, pals.

2 thoughts on “Bring Bennett Home

  1. McKenzie

    You’re so sweet!!! Thanks for sharing this! We need to get together sometime so I can squeeze on your baby boy!


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