Tough Talks

I was just watching the news and they were advising parents on how to talk to their teens about tough subjects. This reminded me of the time my mom had one of these talks with me. I was riding in the back of “the green weenie” which was my mom’s sexy teal green Chevy S-10.

I’m sure you will agree that this was the perfect vehicle for a single mom with three kids. Especially since it was a stick shift. That always helps in the roominess department. So I guess that’s why I was in the back. I actually had a friend who was allowed to ride with us but her mom would come outside and make sure she got a seat in the cab.

Anyhow, my mom was taking the fam to Carl’s Jr. for Famous Star Fridays because the famous star burgers were $.99 on Fridays. For some crazy reason, I didn’t feel like eating. So when my mom rolled down her window to ask how I wanted my burger, I told her I wasn’t hungry. She obviously realized this was way out of character for me so she leaned out the window and looked at me in the side mirror. “You’re not getting into that anorexic crap are you?”

Thank goodness we had that talk. It was a close call.


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