Num-nums for your tum-tums

Okely dokely, friends. I have been all up in the Pinterest lately. I have some recommendations for y’all. Also, it will help me remember these things if I blog them. I’m going to throw in some old ones too, since I’ve never posted them before. I’m too lazy busy to post all the links, but you can get them from my Pinterest. Enjoy!

1.) Loaded baked potato and chicken casserole: Extremely spicy. Lay off the hot sauce if you aren’t into breathing fire. Actually, just don’t bother making this at all. I know, I know. It sounds delicious. But, it’s really just boring. And hot. Did I mention it was a smidge hot?

2.) Skillet chicken and vegetables: Delicious! Amazing! Make it right now! Also, I substituted broth for wine.

3.) One pan spicy sausage pasta: Fancy name for macaroni and cheese with sausage in it. Pretty much a waste of time to make.

4.) Chicken taco chili: Good. Nothing special, but a hardy, yummy meal.

5.) Cinnamon honey nutmeg face mask: Claims to reduce pore size, redness, dark spots and to soften skin. Actually does nothing but maybe makes your skin smooth from the nutmeg exfoliating it. Waste of time and delicious ingredients.

6.) 30 minute Mongolian beef: Pretty tasty and easy. Will make again.

7.) 3 ingredient meatloaf: The only meatloaf Spencer has ever liked. Very easy to fix.

8.) Peasant bread: I just decided to make this one day out of the blue and it was very good and just as simple as it seems.

9.) Beer bread: I don’t think I got this from Pinterest, but it’s on my “bread” board now. It’s AWESOME and super easy.

10.) Mama’s supper club tilapia: I think this was one I found elsewhere and pinned as well. But it’s reeeeaaally good and you can use whatever cheese you have on hand.

There are ten reviews for ya. This week we are having baked tacos, Mississippi roast, crockpot cheese tortellini and chicken bacon ranch bake. So, I’ll let ya know how those go. I have made some desserts so maybe one day I’ll list some of those. Holla if you need a recipe and can’t find it.

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