Baby I’m bout to have me some fun

If that title makes no sense to you, don’t worry. It means you’re normal.

Mmmkay, well, doing a 31-day writing challenge has turned out to be, um…challenging. During the week it’s not bad because the days are a lot more predictable. These weekends, though, are crazy! Friday, Saturday (I don’t like Oxford commas) and Sunday’s posts have all been from my phone. And kinda rushed. But I think that’s okay because, after all, it’s the weekend.

But because it’s the weekend and with it being so busy, it’s easy to start making excuses to get out of doing things. For instance, there are dishes in my kitchen that are not from today. And some that aren’t even from yesterday. Gross, I know. But I’m easily persuaded out of chores on the weekends.

Right now my sweet husband is asleep after holding his eyes open long enough to help encourage me to do my workout all the way through. It’s getting really hard and I feel like I’m dying afterwards and I wanted to just cuddle up in bed. So I was whining as I’m wont to do. But then he reminded me how bad I would feel if I didn’t do it full out. He knows me so well. And he gave me pep talks the whole time. I can’t believe how lucky I am sometimes to have him. Uh, where was I again?

Oh, yeah. Doing things you don’t feel like doing because you said you would. Hence, this post. Getting excited about the idea of something and actually seeing it through are two different things and the latter is an area I’m weak in. It’s fifth-grade cheerleading all over again.

And that’s what I want to talk about tomorrow. No, not fifth-grade cheerleading! Weaknesses. You can’t get it together if you don’t look at weaknesses, right? *Announcer voice* Find out tomorrow on another thrilling edition of Getting it Together with our host, Heather, at Crawdads in My Sink!

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