Oh, boy!

This boy is all boy. He is dirty and noisy and he likes anything with wheels. He is also crazy determined and independent. And not that cuddly. This boy is always moving and he never wants to snuggle or let me rock him. He’s got things to do! So, a lot of the times, I’m grabbing him as he goes by and squeezing him to me and trying to kiss him while he’s kicking his legs and shoving my face away. It’s a little insulting sometimes. I’m like a desperate girl with a crush on a boy who still thinks girls have cooties. Or like Elmyra (remember her?) with her pets. I just want to love him and hug him and squeeze him forever.

015So, when it was getting close to nap time and I sat him down on the couch to watch some cartoons and chill out for a minute, it just turned me to mush when he put his hand on my shoulder and held on. I felt like a giddy school girl the moment her crush takes her hand in his the first time. He likes me! He actually likes me!

When I feel weary and worn out, these little moments bring me such joy and inspiration. His sweet little hand can motivate and remind me why I want to get anything together in the first place.

6 thoughts on “Oh, boy!

  1. Nickie Brook

    Well written…and your little guys is adorable. I can’t resist the little snuggles either. When my little one is sleeping on me, I don’t want to put her in her crib, I just want to hold her close 🙂

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