God can even use 31-day writing challenges

I know this sounds so crazy but God is using this 31-day writing challenge in my life. I don’t always post about how because I am still trying to process things for myself but it’s getting weird, y’all. Because of participating in this challenge, I started following some other blogs which led me to other blogs which led me to seeing things on Instagram and websites that I would have never seen otherwise. But what is happening over and over again is that I’m having these thoughts pop into my head and then literally that day I will see something that specifically affirms what I was thinking maybe I should be doing. That sounds a little confusing but here’s an example.

Yesterday morning Spencer and I woke up before Jack and these are some of the exact words I said to him: “I’ve been thinking lately that I could get up earlier and do a few things before Jack wakes up since he sleeps so late now (7:30-8am) but he’s such a light sleeper in the mornings I would probably wake him up.” Which led me to thinking that I could start doing my Bible and prayer time before Jack gets up rather than during his nap time and then I could do something else during naps. Then, later that day, I saw this interview with Kat Lee  where she was talking about her e-book, Maximize your Mornings. Which I haven’t read yet (but I did order it) (because it was free) but I’m pretty sure is the result of her feeling like God was telling her to get up and spend time with Him before her kids were up.

So. Seems like I should probably look into that.

2 thoughts on “God can even use 31-day writing challenges

  1. Monica

    So my husband started getting up at 5:30 am to have quiet time and work out before his job. And I finally got on board and started doing the same. And here is is, 8 weeks later, and I’m the inky one still doing it! But I have to say, it feels amazing to drop my kids off at school and already be done with the hardest thing. You know? And the few hours my youngest is in preschool, I can work or get a manicure or whatever I like. It’s hard to wake up, but awesome when it’s Over!


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