I love my mommy

Today was my mama’s 67th birthday (just kidding she’s way younger than that) and she spent it going to my doctor’s appointment so she could watch Jack while my personal space was being invaded.

Sidenote: Why would a doctor’s office where people have to take off their clothes have windows and if they did, why would the blinds on those windows be left open? Just asking on behalf of some people who may’ve been flashed while walking around Edmond today.

Then, she bought me lunch. And know what I gave her for her birthday? Some coffee mugs from my house because she demanded that her broke kids not spend any money for her birthday.

What a great gal. We sure do love her.


A good mama is worth millions of bucks. Everybody be nice to your mom. Even if she’s not quite as great as mine, I bet she has done a lot for ya. Don’t forget it.

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