Call me Lizzy, please

So. I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice last night. Is it just me or does everyone see themselves as Elizabeth? So relatable (even though I’m a 29-year-old wife and mother living in the United States in the year 2013 with exactly zero servants). Yes, I’m 29 years old and that is the first time I’ve read it. In fact, the first time I read any Jane Austen was within the last year when I read Sense and Sensibility (which I found the end of wholly unsatisfying). I know most people probably read these in high school but I think I was too busy gluing sequins to my jeans and reading Rush Limbaugh’s The Way Things Ought to Be. I really was.

Now I know most of you moms to toddlers are wondering when I have time to read. The answer would be that I don’t, I just put off other things and read instead of sleeping sometimes. But, seriously, that book did take me months to finish and it would’ve taken me about four days before little Mr. Jack came along.

Don’t anybody hold me to this, but I’m considering starting to think about debating an e-reader. I need to know what you have and if you would recommend it. And if I can get one on craigslist that’s held together with duct tape because you know that’s all I buy.

Okay. I just needed to ask y’all that. I better go clean something before Spencer gets home and discovers I’ve been feeding Jack corn dogs and watching Teen Mom 3 all day.

P.S. Someone please vote in my poll

6 thoughts on “Call me Lizzy, please

  1. Stephanie

    I have a Nook Color that I was given about…two years ago (I think) as a Christmas present. I LOVE IT. I subscribe to magazines on it, buy books, and borrow books from the library. I think e-readers are great because they prevent aforementioned media from piling up around my house. (Seriously. Horse & Hound is a weekly publication. I would have SO MANY if I didn’t subscribe digitally.) Plus, it’s really nice to be able to borrow library books.

    I’m not attached to the Nook versus other readers- my mom and my best friend both have Kindles they love. But definitely buy an e-reader. They are well worth it.

  2. Alecia

    I voted. I like my Kindle. And I am 28 and have never read a Jane Austen book but have seen all the movies. ( I know terrible). YOu have inspired me to read one.

  3. Ada

    I vowed never to have a kindle. I love the feel of books, the paper, the fonts, etc. But my husband was apparently not aware of that vow. Ha! I got one for Christmas last year. Um, I LOVE it. I use it for everything. I still read books because I love it but it is so easy to travel with and keep things together.


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