The choices are too many

Normally I would not try to write a post while Jack is awake. But I do frequently purchase things on Amazon while Jack is awake. And I was doing just that wallago when I realized I am having a serious problem and I need to consult someone and you people never let me down.

So Jack and I are playing peek-a-boo and JoJo’s Circus is on the telly while I try to express my distress.

I was over at BooMama’s blog, reading about the holiday ham, when I decided I should stop being such a cheap skate and just order her book because I’ve been wanting to read it for about 17 years. So, you know how Amazon does ya. I go over there and put A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet in my cart and it starts showing me “recommended for you” books. And now I’m in a pickle because I have 387 books in my cart. I think I should definitely get the first one, being that one was the whole reason I started this little shopping spree in the first place. But what about Melanie Shankle’s Sparkly Green Earrings? Or Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist (or also Cold Tangerines by her)? Or Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman? Or another Ann Voskamp book?

I mean. I have been wanting to read them all. If I were rich, I would just keep on adding recommendations to my cart until Amazon said they ran out of boxes to ship my books in. But, let’s keep this in perspective. I don’t have a job. Spencer has one and he shares his paychecks with me and all but you know, things like mortgage payments and student loans (oh, I hurt every time I say/type the words “student loans”) take up a good chunk.

So. Maybe it would be okay to buy two books. I think it would be okay. Which one should I pick?

Thank you in advance.

Also. Yesterday I was looking for something in my book shelf and I found some candy corn. It was in these glass jars with candles. candycornI made them for fall decorations but Jack kept wanting them so I hid them from sight on the top shelf (this is why people with toddlers don’t decorate). I was pretty excited. It did taste a little like pumpkin spice candles (which really doesn’t taste like pumpkin or spice at all) but that didn’t stop me. And I ended up having to throw it all away before I made myself sick. It’s pathetic.

Now I must go play the high-five game. All our games are very enriching.

Okay. See ya.




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