Friday Favorites

By the end of the week I have just thought of about a million things I want to share with y’all but sometimes they are little things that really don’t justify a whole post. And you know how I love a list. So, I thought what I might do would be to save up all these little things throughout the week and then do a Friday Favorites post. And I’ll put this little button on it because 1) I like making buttons and 2) the cohesiveness.


Now, I hope you can cut me some slack on this first FF post because I just thought of it this morning. So, therefore, I had to think of my favorite things I wanted to share off the top of my head. And it’s not always so organized on the top of my head. I’ll try to start making a note throughout the week as I see cool stuff. We’ll see. I mean, you just never know with these things.

1. theSkimm. My cool friend from college messaged me this link because she thought I would like it. She was right. As you can see, it has made the top of my FF list. It’s a prestigious position. They read all the big stories and then send you a daily email with the highlights. And I am not one to sign up for email lists at all, because the emails drive me nuts. But this is good. You can catch up on the day’s events while you brush your teeth.

2. Hank 99.7. If you are in the OKC area and you love ’90s country music (if you don’t, then keep it to yourself because we do not need that negativity around here) you will L-O-V-E this station. I mean it. I used to think KXY was our best option but they have been dethroned. And, in this day and age of boundless technology, those outside the OKC area can listen online.

3. Of course, there will be Pinterest recipes. Today I would like to tell you that I have tried and approved this breakfast casserole (thanks to my sister) and these sliders. I will share with you my modifications. For the casserole, add an extra egg and cut the biscuits up a little smaller. Also, you can add mushrooms, broccoli and/or spinach. If you’re into that kind of thing. For the sliders, I used a little less mayo and added provolone cheese and mushrooms. They were delish.

4. My beloved OSU Cowboys. We play Baylor on Saturday night. It’s going to be a DOOZY.

Okay, I think that should clear out some space in my brain for new favorites to enter. Have a great weekend, friends!

*Disclaimer: I’m sure there are 40,000 bloggers who use “Friday Favorites” and have claimed it as their own. Sorry. I just like the alliteration.

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