Of country music and misunderstandings

Happy week after Thanksgiving, everyone! So glad you are here because I feel  chatty.

I have some large things happening this week. For one thing, we just went to Lowe’s and bought some living room paint because a) We have lived here two years and my living room is still stark white b) Spencer gave our couch away on Craigslist today because he felt like it and c) because we were home all day and needed to go out amongst people. So, I thought since the living room was about as empty as it can be, now might be a good time to paint. Now the paint will be staring at and haunting me every second until we accumulate enough Jack naps to get it all finished. By the way, we are now in the market for a used couch.

Also, I’m going to get a cat. I have reason to believe our winter mice are back. The reason is that I saw one. My friend has a stray she took in and he keeps peeing on her bed. So, as you can imagine, she is looking for a new home for him. I think he sounds like a great candidate for an outside mouse intimidator. It sounds simple but you know getting any kind of animal always ends up as some fiasco. For me anyway.

It’s my sister’s birthday tomorrow! Not that we have anything planned, but, I mean, I will have to text her or something.

LASTLY AND MOST CRUCIALLY: I have just learned that the lyrics to a terrible country song are not what I thought they were. Ever since 1994 (TWENTY YEARS AGO OMG I’M DYING) I have believed that the words to “Third-rate Romance” by Sammy Kershaw were “…third-rate romance, roaring rendezvous…” (Yes, it’s super sleazy and it was my sister’s favorite song and we had no idea what it was about and no, you should not let your kids listen to country music, apparently) however, the words actually are “…third-rate romance, low-rent rendezvous…” which makes way more sense, really. Less passionate, but more fitting probably.

That reminds me of how my grandma used to think the words to Alabama’s “Close Enough to Perfect” were “…she’s closin’ up the curtains on me…” rather than “she’s close enough to perfect for me…” She felt like it was a pretty stupid song, which I think is understandable. Another certain someone who shall go unnamed, used to think that in Deana Carter’s song “Seventeen” the line was “…the hot you I knew…” rather than “…the hot July moon…” HAHAHAHA

Please, please do us all a favor and share your mixed up lyrics. They just crack me up.

P.S. I just realized it’s December first so I will have to do a November goals update and post my December ones soon!

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