December goals

Last month, I linked up with the Tiny Twig for her monthly goals challenge. Surprisingly, I actually remembered to complete a few of my November goals! Before I get into my goals for December, here’s what happened with last month’s to-do list.

  • Publish my first blog post for World Help– I actually decided purposely not to do this one. I find myself being overwhelmed at all the charities I want to get involved in and I’ve realized I have to narrow my focus in order to effectively help anybody. World Help is a great organization, I just don’t think now is the time for me to add it to the list.
  • Attend Bob Goff’s FREE talk at Crossings Community Church on Nov 12 (at 7:30 am! eek!)- With the help of my husband, who worked from home for a couple hours, I made it to the talk. It was inspirational.
  • Go through my closet and get rid of all the things I don’t need- DID IT!
  • Develop a self-hosted blog and get all my online stuff under one identity- DID IT (mostly)! The website is not perfect but I think it is totally sufficient for my needs at the moment.
  • Clean out my email on my computer. It’s bad, guys. Real bad.- Eh. I kind of forgot about this one.
  • Start Jack’s baby scrapbook OR order a photo book online. Yes, he’s 15 months old.- DID IT! I didn’t finish it, but I did start it. So, I’m counting that.

Alright, since I think it was helpful to have real goals written down, I’m doing it again. And I encourage you to, as well! If you have a blog, link up with us and if not, just write them out (and show someone or post on FB or something).

December Goals

  • Clean out my email on my computer
  • Make healthier food choices by only having one sugary drink per week, ordering the healthiest option when eating out (rather than the most delicious one) and cutting out bread and deserts. I’ll have one cheat day per week. Obviously, rules may be bent if I’m at a Christmas gathering. I’m not a robot, people.
  • Finish painting my living room.
  • Buy a couch.
  • Finish two blog posts that I’ve been rolling around. It’s really uncharacteristic of me to mull over blog posts.
  • Publish a blog about Stand in the Gap Ministries, and specifically, Life Launch
  • Find Jack a really warm winter coat

Let me know if you do monthly goals, I’d love to encourage you in your progress!

4 thoughts on “December goals

  1. Ashley Flores

    O’ how I need to clean out my closet!!!! lol. It’s screaming at me every day, but being nine months pregnant and walking is an accomplishment in itself so I have no idea when it will get done. Thanks for sharing all of your goals with us, and I’m glad I found your blog through the link-up.

    ((PS…my mentor is an anti-abortion activist and author and I’m giving away a copy of her book on my blog right, just thought you might be interested since I saw your tab at the top))

    1. HeatherHeather Post author

      Hi! I will come check that out, thanks for the heads-up! If this is your first child (if not then you don’t need my advice lol) then I would just not get rid of any clothes! You never know what’s going to fit you the best in your post-partum months. That’s kind of why I needed to clean mine out so desperately. Also, I was hanging on to a bunch of business attire just in case. But, it does feel glorious to have it cleaned out now!

  2. Whitney

    Wow, kudos to you for deciding to change your eating habits during the holidays! I love that your goals are super practical and “SMART” – it will make it easier to see if you got them all done at the end of the month, right? Good luck and happy Advent 🙂

    1. HeatherHeather Post author

      Thank you so much! Yeah, I’m wondering about my sanity on the eating thing! Haha but overall I just need to be more conscious of it. The last few months it’s just been a free-for-all! Haha can’t wait to follow your journey with the new baby!


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