Friday Favorites

fridayHappy Friday!  It’s time for me to share the things I’m obsessed with this week. And, since I used the excuse of it being the day after Thanksgiving not to post last Friday, this is actually two weeks worth. Try to contain your enthusiasm!

First of all, some videos.

This is a music video of a ten-year-old child singing Rolling in the Deep like a bitter (and possibly homicidal) forty-something divorcee whose husband has just left her and three kids for a 22-year-old Applebee’s waitress. Can you imagine the rage? Olivia Kay can. This video thrills and disturbs me and I can’t stop watching it.

You may have seen this video last week as it was a Vimeo staff pick and made the rounds on several popular sites. I am not a cryer by any stretch of the word. I’m just not emotional. But let me tell ya, this video called 3 Queens almost had me thinking about tearing up. It’s a must-watch for moms.

Okay, this one is kind of disgusting if you weren’t raised down on the farm. That’s my disclaimer because this is a video of an elephant giving birth. When her baby was born not breathing, I was shocked at the way this mama knew what to do and intervened. This video made me feel a few things. 1) God. He made an elephant know how to resuscitate another elephant. AND THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE HANDS. Amazing. 2) I love elephants even more now.

That’s all for the videos. Now, Pinterest recipes. I tried a couple and they were both good. It is my pleasure to recommend to you the Spinach and Artichoke Wonder Pot and Beef Wellington: the humble way (it is the only  way I cook things, people. I would never make an arrogant meal.). I didn’t have too many variations but, since I don’t plan my meals ahead very well, I did not have a puff pastry on hand. Know what I did have? A can of Great Value biscuits. They worked out just fine after I mashed them all together. And I think it made it even more of a humble meal, being biscuits and being generic and all.

SNOW ICE CREAM. Because we got about four inches of powdery, beautiful snow last night. And now that I’m a mother, I have realized I must be responsible and exclude the raw egg for safety’s sake. Let me tell ya something. You don’t need an egg, contrary to what I used to think as evidenced in this post! It was still delish.

Now. Bedlam is tomorrow. Everybody get serious. I have to go paint my nails orange and black so leave me alone. By the way, have you SEEN Boone Pickens Stadium today? OMGah. If anyone who reads this is brave enough to go to the game, please snap a few pics and let me do a feature on the blog of the Bravest Person in America next week. I’m not joking.



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