Friday Favorites

fridayI almost forgot to do my Friday Favorites. Know why? Because I forgot it was Friday! Hot dang! I love it when that happens. Anyway, let’s see what I rounded up for you this week.

  • First of all, Courtney Kerr is back on TV. As you may or may not know, I watch waaaaay too much Bravo. Like, it’s pretty much the only station I watch. Anyway, a couple years ago, they had a show called “Most Eligible Dallas” that I enjoyed but it got canceled. So, I was excited about Courtney’s spin-off, Courtney Loves Dallas, so that I could catch up on the drama between she and Matt Nordgren (in case you’ve missed it, Matt stopped calling. So far, they have “accidentally” run into one another at a party and had a super-lame chat). So. I’m sure you’re much cooler than me and don’t watch it, but Courtney also runs a style blog so if you are cooler than me, you might care about style.
  • Next we have those awesome Sprint commercials. They crack me up.

While we are on the topic of commercials, I also like the AT&T ones with the little kids. But, notably, I had to look up both commercials to see which company they were for. Yes, I do realize I sound like I do nothing but watch TV now. I don’t care.

Actually, I have another thing to say about TV. We have Directv and the Holidays & Happenings music channel 801 has simply been a delight this Christmas season, people. A delight.

Cute, right?

  •  I think the only new recipe I tried was this one for teriyaki salmon. I used tilapia and it was good! Spencer is not a big fish fan but he said this was his favorite way he has had it.

I think that about wraps it up. Tomorrow night we have Spencer’s work party and I am pretty enthused because I believe I have devised the perfect solution to the what-to-wear-when-a-dress-is-too-fancy-but-jeans-are-not-fancy-enough dilemma. Last time, I wore a nice holiday-ish dress and it was just way over the top. So, I decided on black skinny jeans with heels and an embellished top. BAM. Maybe I’ll post a pic if I remember to have Spencer take one so that next week we can discuss how we felt about it.

Okay. Love y’all.


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