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I have been a little absent (okay, not absent, just posting less than every hour on the hour as is my usual habit) from social media lately. It’s because I am


Well, top five probably. And I have a sore throat so I have been busy wallering in self-pity. But you know what intensifies the weenie-ishness times a million? When you have a sick kid. So, just picture me, who gets very whiny and depressed and WOE IS ME, being sick and having a child who is the same way. We are just a delight to be around this week, my friends!

But, seriously, it is hard having a sick kid. Especially for me, the communicator. I want to know what hurts and where and how is he feeling emotionally about all the things he is experiencing physically and what does he think about global warming? But, he can’t talk so it’s like a freakin’ CSI investigation. Based on my excellent Facebook stalking skills you would think I would be better at figuring out what is up with my own child.

I have a very predictable response when I’m sick (other than praying for Jesus to take me home) and Spencer has learned not to question it. I get super pro-active and holistic and I am taking every medicine/concocting every home remedy and standing on my head (just in case).

When I woke up with tonsils the size of cantaloupes, I got busy fixing myself and one of the steps I ALWAYS take (though I have no evidence that it works) is to whip up some Super Healing Soup. I use whatever I have in my house that at the moment seems like it might do something to help me get better. Usually it’s very disgusting. BUT! Yesterday’s was quite tasty! So, I think I will post the recipe here so that I can remember it next time I’m dying and when Jack gets big enough to understand the concept of soup.


And then I ate it sitting on the floor like a child because a chair was just so hard.

Recipe as far as I can remember for Super Healing Soup that doesn’t taste disgusting:

  • 1 can of chicken broth (clearly homemade would be healthier but it was frozen and me being on the verge of death, I did not have time to defrost)
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 whole onion
  • About five cloves of garlic, I think (garlic has antibiotic properties if I remember right)
  • Half a can of stewed tomatoes
  • Half a can of green beans (I’m sure these are nutritionally neutral but fiber, ya know?)
  • However much water you need to get the right amount of juice
  • A couple handfuls of spinach
  • salt, pepper, oregano to taste and just a dash of cayenne pepper

This made enough for two big bowls. I considered potatoes and noodles but I didn’t want to strain my system with the carbs. I KNOW. This is how crazy the inside of my head is. (But then I was wanting a grilled cheese so I went with that.) You could add whatever kind of meat but I was too lazy.

Anyway, if you are dying, make this soup. Then take some zinc, cold medicine, a hot bath with epsom salts, drink some lemon/honey/vinegar and get some sunshine. And if you have any ginger at your house, just put some of it in everything. And gargle some hydrogen peroxide. You might not feel healthier but hey, at least you did something!

*I’m not a doctor or a nurse or a person who has ever read an article about health so don’t ever listen to anything I say


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