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Okay. Get ready for an incoherent tornado of 2014ness happening in this post. I have not had time to craft a clever post that conveys all I want to express but I must write something. It’s that or die. Truly. And Spencer will have no one to pour his cereal in a bowl in the mornings if I died. It would be utter chaos.

Speaking of chaos. My life has been crazy lately. There have been some upheavals and serious health conditions happening in our family and we haven’t been home much. And when we have been, my main priority has been laundry.

Anyway, even though I haven’t had the time to sit down and do a real here’s-how-I-want-to-manhandle-this-year post, trust me, it has been on my mind. I know a lot of people think resolutions are pointless and that goal-setting is too much pressure and to them I say, “whatever trips your trigger, m’kay?” Seriously, everyone has to approach these things differently but I just love the idea of a fresh start and intentional forward progress.

Having said how much I love these things, I am still my very unorganized self. I have accepted the fact that I will never be one who charts out my days with color-coded highlighters or who can keep a food journal or calculate weight watchers points. I am too much of a free spirit for this type of routine. But, oh, I do admire the efficiency all you type-A people have. (If you want an amazing format for setting your yearly goals, check out Lara Casey. I wanted to try her tips but as I mentioned- NO TIME.) So, in trying to satisfy my need to plan without getting bogged down in too much structure, I am just going to post what comes to mind here.

1. I have never picked a word to focus on for the year but I think I’d like to try it. Now, here is where I’d like to say that I’ve spent quality time in prayer listening for the right word but the fact is, I haven’t. I have briefly sent up a “God, show me the word you want” now and then while driving or feeding Jack his 27th serving of cottage cheese but that’s about it. I’m going to pick a word anyway: GROW. Like a plant that matures, I want to grow into something closer to who I am meant to be.

I want to grow in faithfulness to God.
I want to grow in the habit of reading His word daily.

I want to grow to understand why I can’t fix the spacing of my separate lines to be all the same (notice the first two have no space between them but the rest do).

I want to grow to be more grace-giving and to have a more quiet and gentle spirit. In fact, I almost chose the word “gentle” because I want to be both bold and gentle but bold is easy for me. It’s the gentleness that is thus far non-existent.

I do not want to grow in physical size (unless it’s because there is a baby who is also growing in my belly and then it would be okay).

2. I plan to finish writing and publish my e-book. Right now it’s looking like I will make it a free gift for those who subscribe to my blog but we will see. It’s no big deal but I am hoping to learn from it so that it may lead to a big deal someday.

3. I am going to do a Bible-reading plan. I think it will be one that takes two years to get through the OT once and the NT twice but I may speed up my pace at some point. I learned about this plan from eavesdropping on a Twitter conversation between @Boomama, @AnnVoskamp and @Vitafamiliae (aka my favorite people who I’ve never met).

4. I’m going to start being more available. This means I’m going to answer my phone when people call me even though it gives me anxiety (I have no clue why it does).

I am also participating in a couple of Instagram challenges but I think I’ll do a separate post within the next few days to talk about those because they are more of a month of January thing than an entire year thing.

As you may or may not know, I am obsessed with comments. So, if you feel so inclined to share your word for the year, your resolutions or why you think resolutions are annoying, chances are I will become a little more obsessed with you than I already am.



2 thoughts on “The New Year post

  1. Megan

    I’m definitely leaving a comment. I love reading your posts! They have seriously challenged me. My goodness, the one about Stand in the Gap Ministries. I wish I had that dedication and unselfishness to devote to do something like that. I just thought I would share that little bit of encouragement. 🙂 Anyways, I love New Year’s resolutions/goals, whatever you want to call them. I love a fresh start. I did the word thing this year too, and no I didn’t spend much time in prayer about it but after several words that came to mind, my heart felt satisfied in this one and that was enough for me to say, “That’s it!” My word is valued. One of my character flaws is that I compare myself a lot to others, which then feeds negativity in my mind that I’m not good enough and all. Well, I’m tired of that. I know I’m valued and I want to be more grounded in Truth of who I am. I also want others to feel valued too. We will see how it all goes. Trying to do a blog with this as well – Good luck, Heather!

    1. HeatherHeather Post author

      Thank you so much, Megan! Those words mean a lot coming from someone like you! I love your word. Isn’t it so true that by recognizing your own value, you help others to do the same? I will definitely be following your blog and look forward to reading your wisdom! I love it when my fellow ag commies blog!


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