Monthly Goals: January edition

Okay, time to review those December goals and think about the January ones. Maybe. I don’t know if I can even handle it right now. But we’ll discuss that in a minute. First, here is how I did last month.

December Goals

  • Clean out my email on my computer- I did do this one but it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be. It was kind of like laundry or the dishes. As soon as you get it all done and orderly, here comes a whole bunch more. But at least there aren’t 1000 sitting in that inbox anymore.
  • Make healthier food choices by only having one sugary drink per week, ordering the healthiest option when eating out (rather than the most delicious one) and cutting out bread and deserts. I’ll have one cheat day per week. Obviously, rules may be bent if I’m at a Christmas gathering. I’m not a robot, people.- I mean. The holiday celebrations/leftovers were too much for me. TOO MUCH.
  • Finish painting my living room.- Did it! Oh, yeah, baby!
  • Buy a couch.- This has been put on hold until I win the lottery. I’m kind of hoping God will take pity on my hatred for couch shopping/spending money and I will wake up one day and he will have placed on in my living room. *fingers crossed!*
  • Finish two blog posts that I’ve been rolling around. It’s really uncharacteristic of me to mull over blog posts.- I don’t even know what posts I was talking about HAHAHA. I do know what one of them is but it was just growing too large so I think it will become a free e-book one day.
  • Publish a blog about Stand in the Gap Ministries, and specifically, Life Launch- Did it!
  • Find Jack a really warm winter coat- Did it! Hello, $17 bundle of warmness at JCPenney.

Now, here we go for January. I have mentioned how crazy things have been for us lately and a lot is still up in the air. To be honest, I have just been focused on keeping the home fires burning (aka holding down the fort in case you aren’t a Ronnie Millsap fan. In which case you should have that checked out). At times I feel like I’m going to get confused and rather than keep the home fires burning, I’m going to set my house on fire ala Pistol Annies. It’s an utter disaster around here with all the baby equipment, toddler toys and Christmas paraphernalia. But, I did get the decorations and tree put away today so though progress be slow, I am counting it.

Anyway,  I’m not going to make a lot of promises I may not be able to keep for this month. But, I do have a few things…

January goals

  • I am competing in the #alittletoofluffy Instagram challenge hosted by Danielle Burkleo. Basically, I weigh in each Friday and get a butt load of money if I lose the highest percentage of weight after six weeks is up. So, my main goal for that is just to stay engaged in it.
  • I am also participating in the #peaceonpurpose pose-a-day with Holy Yoga Ministries on Instagram. My main goal for this is just to do the pose each day. I think it might be too annoying if I post a pic of it each day but I will post some.
  • I am acting Ranch Manager for Abney Race Horses in Wayne, Oklahoma for eight days beginning on the 11th. What that really means is that I’m staying at my mom’s house while they are gone on vacation and that I have to keep all the horses alive. And also Jack and myself. It is unclear whether Spencer will be able to help much or not right now. So, the goal there is to keep a good attitude and not get stressed out or feel sorry for myself if I have to be alone for the week.
  • This one will be hard to measure but I want to focus on being unselfish cheerfully this month. I want grow in generosity with my time, emotions, work and in being able to face change and inconvenience with joy and kindness.
  • I gotta organize some of this baby junk. I think my first step might be buying some plastic containers. I also need to devise a better system for toy rotation. So, that’s my goal for around my own home.

Thanks for keeping me accountable, friends. I love you and I hope you will share links or comments of your own monthly goals!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: January edition

  1. Kristin

    Oh the cheerful giver challenge.. I have admittedly argued with my own self while filling my offering envelope. Still do sometimes.. I’ll cheer you on here for sure!!


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