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Today I want to share a list of the podcasts I subscribe to. I love to listen to these while I’m doing housework during nap time. I hear they are good for workouts too but I wouldn’t know about that. Someday maybe I’ll exercise again and if I do, I shall surely listen to a podcast and let you know how I felt about it.

  • My first and favorite one is The Big Boo Cast. It is Big Mama and Boo Mama just chatting about their day to day lives and while I can’t say it offers a lot of educational information or helpful tips, it is just fun to listen to because they have such great senses of humor. It’s majorly random as far as when they have new episodes, so it’s kind of exciting to see a new one is available.
  • My next favorite one is kind of the opposite of The Big Boo Cast. It’s Kat Lee’s Inspired to Action podcast and she has great content and adds new episodes frequently. On each episode, she interviews a mom about their area of expertise. It is pretty motivating as well as interesting because she covers all age ranges and areas of the country. Now. My warning about these is that there are a few minutes at the beginning and the end where she just talks about what’s going on with her and gives you the Texas weather updates. Hang in there until she gets to the interview!

Now, the rest of these don’t get listened to a whole lot because I only have so much time for podcasts but I think they are worth checking out.

  • The Be Cast is a group of three ladies who pick one action word each episode and discuss how to Biblically apply it to their lives. Some examples of  the words they go over are “gentle,” “hospitable,” “humble,” “joyful,” etc. They get distracted and giggle and stuff sometimes which annoys me because I’m TOO task-oriented but their conversations always give me a lot to think about.
  • How They Blog is another one of Kat Lee’s interview projects and it is designed for bloggers. She interviews successful bloggers about their techniques. Clearly I haven’t put any of them into practice here but ya never know when I’ll get ambitious!
  • The Bible Answer Man Broadcast by Hank Hanegraaff is the same broadcast as his radio call-in show. It is so good because he’s kind of the Rain Man of the Bible. I don’t listen to it much, though, because I usually tune in to his program on Bott Radio when I’m in the car.
  • God Centered Mom is by Heather MacFadyen and a lot of times she is interviewing people as well. It’s for the mom who is trying to make life less about herself and more about Him.
  • Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn is really interesting and informative. It’s kind of a businessy-blogging podcast and I haven’t taken any of his ideas, either, but I feel smarter about techy stuff after I listen.
  • Living Inspired by Tricia Goyer is another interview deal and pretty much all the episodes are dedicated to trying to live inspired. Hence the title.

I would love to hear which podcasts y’all like and why. I know I’ve asked before but feel free to leave a comment so that others can see it if you have something you’d love to share! I like to listen to new ones and see if I can keep finding gold!



2 thoughts on “Podcasts I subscribe to

  1. Kat Lee

    I’m so glad you enjoy the podcasts, Heather! It’s kind of you to share them. If there is ever a topic you want me to cover or someone you want me to interview, just let me know!

    1. HeatherHeather Post author

      Ah! Somehow your comment got lost in my spam. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your podcasts! They have been so good for me!


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