Jack Attack: 20 months old edition

I haven’t done a Jack post in awhile and I have been meaning to. He just gets cuter and funnier all the time. Now that he can talk better we can communicate pretty well and let me tell ya, the stuff toddlers think up can be pretty crazy.

He’s 20 months old, which is so close to two that I’m dying over it. He is so sweet and he minds pretty well but he’s also got a sneaky side. He hides behind the curtains or in my closet when he’s trying to do something he’s not supposed to. Jack loves to copy adults and so he’s always pretending to drive or talk on the phone or making his stuffed animals take naps or something. He has an absurd amount of energy and loves to run, jump and climb on EVERYTHING. He gets around pretty good for a little guy. He tells everyone he sees “hi” which is real fun at the grocery store but if a stranger talks to him first he clams up.

He tries to sing the ABC’s which is adorable because he just says a few of the letters over and over but it seems like every few days he adds another one or two letters in. He also really likes playing guitar, piano and the drums and sometimes we make up songs to sing along. He really likes songs that say things like “yeah, yeah, yeah, woooo, woooo, woooo, dada, dada, dada.” So, he will probably be a famous song writer any day now.

His favorite things in life right now: Milk, his blankies, going to the park, airplanes and trucks, pretending to be a dog, his kitty cat, Mickey Mouse and anything containing sugar. I mean, he is a sugar fiend.

So, that should be a nice little record for us to remember what he was like at this funny age.

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