God didn’t tell you to get an abortion

Recently, Oklahoma state Rep. Doug Cox, a doctor, expressed his support for abortion in an interview. This isn’t really new news since the republican lawmaker has told us before that he is pro-life but also pro-abortion (I know). And I don’t take the time to write about every pro-choice legislator’s comments.

 It was something specific that Rep. Cox said in this particular interview that I haven’t been able to get off my mind for days. One reason is because it’s completely illogical but another reason is that it is something I am positive that many Christians (or at least churchians) have thought or said.

“Behind the closed door of an exam room, when I have that parent with that daughter there saying, ‘I’ve never viewed myself as pro-choice. I’ve never supported abortion. But my daughter’s 14 years old and she’s pregnant. We talked about it, we prayed about it, and we think she wants to have the pregnancy terminated. Where can I go?” (bold, underline and italics are mine)

 And Dr. Cox wants to be able to tell them where to go to kill the baby. I mean terminate the pregnancy (That sounds better, right?). Now, keep in mind that he is pro-life and continually states that he would never actually perform an abortion (you know, because he thinks it’s wrong and he doesn’t want to kill a baby or anything).

So even though that’s pretty illogical, it’s still not the worst part. The worst part is that I know he’s telling the truth about that conversation. I bet he’s had it a whole bunch of times. And it doesn’t make ANY sense.

I just want EVERYONE to really think through what they believe about abortion and why.

 Since the parent says they prayed about it, then we can assume they believe in God (because we are in Oklahoma and that is what it means for the vast majority of us) (unless they were just saying that which is also probably pretty common). Since they believe in God, we can assume they believe He is their Creator. So, what I’m wondering is, when do they think He created them? When they were born? Well, surely not. Everyone knows there’s a baby in there long before it presents itself to the outside world. Do they think that God doesn’t get involved with the creating part until a certain magical week of pregnancy? Maybe, but there’s no reason to think that other than it’s convenient.

 So, then, these people realize their daughter is pregnant with a person created by God, in His image, and they are concluding that because it will make their lives harder, He wants them to kill the baby He has created. He must not have realized how much this would disrupt their plans. Or, they know they shouldn’t do it but tell themselves “grace covers me and I’ll be forgiven,” not taking into consideration potential consequences.

 Come on, Christians. Don’t be like that. Don’t use “we prayed about it” as a scapegoat (for anything). And please, please don’t ever think that God wants you to have an easy life. That kind of Osteenian theology will ruin your life.

“Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die.”   Prov 24:11 NLT

***As always, let me remind you that I am not judging anyone who has had an abortion, who has performed an abortion or who has coerced their daughter (or girlfriend/wife/one-night-stand) into an abortion. I am saying that abortion is wrong. (I also realize if you don’t believe in God then each person gets to decide their own right and wrong- I’m directing this conversation toward Christians.) If you have had an abortion and are suffering because of it, please know that help is available to you! You can google places in your area or email me theheatherbrownproject(at)gmail(dot)com and I would consider it an honor to help you find healing.

Respectful and civilized comments are always welcome and will be responded to. If anyone has questions or would like to keep their comments between us, just email me.

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