Introducing a name

Well, Baby Boy #2 has received a name! Drumroll please…

He shall be called Flint.

The middle name is still a little iffy. Jack’s middle name is Aaron, after his dad and grandpa so I wanted this child to have a middle name after someone in my family. We have talked about giving him the middle name Condict (my maiden name) but, I mean, that is a weird and hard to spell middle name (the second “c” is silent- I have no idea why). So, we have also tried to think of middle names that started with “con” just as a way to kind of honor or remember Condict without taking it all the way. So, we are considering Conway. Plus, I mean, Conway Twitty.

Flint Conway Brown. What do you think? No, I don’t mean that. Keep it to yourself what you think. Unless you think it’s an awesome name. Then, totally feel free to express yourself! That’s one good thing about posting it on the internet- everyone who doesn’t like it can just make their judgy faces behind their screens and I won’t have to get all defensive about it. How dare you not love the name we have picked?! You have no idea what we have been through! It’s really none of your business! Just joking. I’m not that hormonal yet.

It’s so hard to name a baby.

I would post one of his adorable ultrasound pics so you could admire him but we are moving and I have no idea where they are. This is one reason that I am thankful God has given me boys. They probably won’t hold it against me if I lose their ultrasound pictures during a move or if I forget to take their picture on their first birthday. Which I am liable to do. I considered just posting one of Jack’s ultrasound pics and pretending it was Flint (it has a ring to it, right?) but you know I really hate to say or do anything that’s not 100% genuine. So, I couldn’t bring myself to trick y’all like that. What a nerd.

I hope you all have a lovely and not too sweaty weekend.

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