In which I am starting to lose it

I’m somewhere around 22 weeks along in this pregnancy (sorry, second child. I haven’t been keeping up quite as obsessively as last time when I always knew exactly which fruit Jack resembled that week) and have been feeling kicks for a few weeks. But last night Spencer got to feel one and that is always just pretty sweet.

As I sit here drinking my coffee this morning (again, second child…caffeine schmaffeine, I say) I just SAW a kick. I feel like we are pretty early along to be seeing this boy already. So then that made me think he’s probably gonna be a whopper (there is no evidence to support this theory).

So then that made me worry what if he is huge and he catches up to Jack in size and then wouldn’t that be weird for Jack (he was a smaller baby-6lb 12oz-because of being born at 37 weeks and still isn’t very big. He’s not like a midget or anything)?

And that is how my anxiety is doing these days. As soon as we found out it was another boy I started worrying all about sibling rivalry and people comparing them to each other. And I know it’s nothing to fret over but ya know, these hormones just do this to me.

So this is my life as a mother. Worrying someone will get their feelings hurt and be scarred for life. WHAT IF I HAD SENSITIVE, EMOTIONAL LITTLE GIRLS?! Oh, mercy….

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