Why we aren’t on welfare

I started to write this as a Facebook post but then it got too long. So I’m writing it as a blog post from my phone. If you’ve never done that, I don’t advise it.


Today Spencer and I got to talking because we were both thinking about the same topic today- people in need. And I had some of those thoughts that wouldn’t go away just by talking about them. I have to write them out.

We should help people in need. Always. Even if it’s inconvenient and costly for us. But the thing is, a lot of people who think they are in need are actually just in want. In want of free things. But nothing is free. Just because you don’t pay for it doesn’t mean no one does.

I was thinking about it because I was calculating in my head as I was driving (very dangerous, I apologize) about how much we were going to pay for our doctor and the hospital for this baby after insurance (last time it was about $3500). When we were talking about it the other day, a friend suggested we try to get SoonerCare to pay for our part. But, we shouldn’t.

Let me say, my husband makes a nice income but it’s not outrageous. I have no income. So, we are not rich. We are so lucky that we have insurance through Spencer’s work. $3500 is a buttload of money for us. But, with budgeting and self-control, we can come up with it. And we have satellite tv and the internet and smart phones and we drink cokes anytime we feel like it. Oh, and I don’t have an income. So, to me, there is a lot we can cut out if we need to in order to pay our bills. And that should be our first response.

Maybe we look at things this way because we both grew up without material excess. We had what we needed but we knew what it was to be broke. So we can deal with not having everything be easy maybe. We know we can trim the fat and not die.

Another time, someone suggested we should apply for WIC. I asked why. “It’s a great program! And you probably qualify.” To me, that’s not a reason. We don’t want to have the attitude that we want to get everything “free” we can get just because we can get it.

Listen, I don’t want anybody to go hungry. Nobody. That’s why I’m glad these programs are available for the people who need them. Which I thought was people who couldn’t afford groceries. Trust me, we aren’t about to starve, praise The Lord. And I’m not against signing up for them because I’m too proud. I just want it to be there and available to those who need it rather than abused by those who want it because they can get it. I’m not judging you if you use those programs, I’m just explaining why we don’t.

I don’t know other people’s situations but I know ours. And it’s just troubling to me- especially when I think about what kind of world our kids will live in- how much the prevailing point of view (that I keep hearing) is that you’re crazy if you pass up the chance to get more from the government. It seems more greedy than needy to me.

And we don’t always do the right thing but we really want to try. And for us, this is the right thing. To work and sell and cut out the extras when times get tough. Because we can and that is such a blessing that we don’t want to take for granted.

Love y’all. Have a happy COOL July week, my friends.

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