Jack turns two

It’s the second anniversary of the day we met Jack. What valleys and mountain tops we have traversed! What lessons I have learned! God has used him to make me a new person and to bring smiles to everyone he meets.

Here’s a little about how Jack lives his life as he turns two.


He sleeps in a toddler bed and every morning when he wakes up, he comes and stands in our doorway and waves. Sometimes he says “Goo morning!” and sometimes he wails “I need milk!!!”

He is a runner and jumper and climber, down inside himself, from the start. When he was about four weeks old, my dad held him on his chest and said “He will crawl early.” Grandpa Timmy was right- he’s a mover and a shaker!

He’s a nosy one. He gets that from me. I prefer the term curious, actually. He has already started asking “why?” about everything. I thought that would come later. It’s tiring. Aw, and I just remembered how the nurses were laughing at his checkup when he was twelve days old and he was holding his head up, looking around (I guess he wasn’t really looking since they can barely see at that age, but he was trying). I was so new to babies that I didn’t find it strange that he could support his head already. He just needs to know what is happening at all times!


He says funny stuff all the time. The other day he told me that a baby bug had left our porch to go to church and play with Play-Doh. The cat also goes to church a lot (which, I think is good for him because I’m pretty sure he has some questionable night time activities).

He pretty much loves everyone he knows. I used to think, “Boy, he really likes them, he talks about them a lot.” But then I realized he talks about them all a lot. He wants to go visit everyone everyday. Especially his cousins Sophia and Colt even though they all fight and are not that into sharing with each other.

He loves the water park (the one at Pauls Valley. It’s really good!) and goes down the slide all by himself, but I have to catch him at the bottom because he cannot handle water spraying him in the face. It’s melt down level five. He is a sucker for anything soft that he can cuddle up to. He also loves trucks and balls. And watching cartoons. He has been a tv head ever since his eyes could focus.

I have no idea what school-type things I should be teaching him at this age but he knows his colors. He hates the alphabet. I have no clue why but he just gets aggravated if you try to get him to sing it. But he likes songs that also have motions.

He asks for ice cream every time we pass a Braum’s, see a Braum’s cup or anyone says the word “ice” or “cream” in his presence. I think I will take him to get some later since it’s his birthday and all.

He still calls our house the “new house.”


We aren’t really working on potty training. It’s called me being lazy and luckily I found a blog post that makes me feel okay with that. I still promise never to post potty training details on FB.

He likes to have a job. Everything is “Me help too!” When he asks “What do today?” and we tell him what we did and then ask what he did today, he always says “Work hard.” I love it.

Not that I would post bad things about him (because that would be kind of mean wouldn’t it?)  but he’s pretty easy to get along with most of the time. If he’s being super cranky then he is either hungry or needs to go to bed. He gets his fair share of swats for testing me on things he knows are naughty but usually that is all that is required to reassure him that those really are the rules. He takes it in stride.

We love our little munchkin and today, on his second birthday, I’m going to go pack a hospital bag for when his brother decides to join us. His world is about to change so much but it has been pretty sweet being a family of three the last two years (mostly-but the hard times were worth it).

Here’s his birth story if anyone else is feeling nostalgic today.

2 thoughts on “Jack turns two

  1. Lora Lynn

    You’re not lazy! You’re wisely choosing to wait until a time when it will be less stressful to both of you. That’s a sign of a good mama! 🙂


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