Around the homestead

This morning I woke up thinking about painting my laundry room. WHYYYYYY?! I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Spencer said I have a sickness. I don’t want to paint the laundry room. But when I wake up in the morning with a vision of pretty light blue walls with white cabinets and trim, I know that I am stuck. The laundry room will be painted. I just can’t say when. It’s not like I’m bursting with energy over here. 

Oh, did I mention that in May we moved to my grandparents’ old house in my old home town? Well, we did. And there was A LOT of work to be done. That’s how I know I’m not real blogger material. I mean, I have painted, scrubbed (oh, heavens, the scrubbing), slip-covered and carpeted. And I didn’t take one picture or do one single before-and-after post. It’s shameful, really. But if anyone cleans double-pane windows, I am willing to pay. I have no interest or confidence in my ability to carry a ladder around and remove glass without breaking something. Not to mention how sweaty I would inevitably become. For now I just close the blinds and pretend there aren’t water spots, June bugs and cobwebs in them.

Speaking of home improvements, the amount of ugly wood furniture I have that needs painted is overwhelming. I guess I probably won’t do any of that until the boys are both in school. And I hire a manservant to carry heavy things for me. I’m also coveting this comforter set from Bed Bath and Beyond but I’m thinking maybe it will go on sale one day? It might not look that exciting, but let me tell ya, she’s a comfy one. Very comforting, if you will.

But really, the “have to be done immediately or I will die” projects (like painting the baby’s hot pink room to a more manly white) are pretty much under control. I just remembered that I also had a dream about the guest bathroom curtain. There currently isn’t one and apparently that is weighing heavily on my mind.

I’m going to go look at bathroom window coverings now. And possibly paint samples. Have a nice day.

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