So very hungry

Good morning, darlings. Oh, you aren’t up quite this early on a Sunday morning the night after the first college football Saturday of the year? I am. Because 1) baby kicks 2) intense hunger and 3) creepy dreams where I think someone is knocking on the door. Anyway, I’m telling myself that was a dream.

Here’s the difference in waking up hungry before kids versus after kids: now I would rather lay here and starve while trying to distract myself with all manner of social media than risk going into the kitchen and possibly making any noise which might wake up the man cub before he has gotten all the sleepies out. So. Hopefully I don’t die whilst waiting. Also, there is some delicious breakfast casserole just hanging out in the fridge. All alone.

But it’s definitely not worth the risk because he was up late watching the Cowboys put on an IMPRESSIVE show against FSU. He gets real into the cheering part. Actually, I think he’s like me. Easily distracted and pretty confused about most of the game but when we make a big play, he takes his cues from those around him and OH MERCY. I didn’t know galloping in a circle while screaming “go, go!” And “whoo-hoo!” Was a genetic trait but apparently so. So, that was fun and now I’m real excited about the rest of the season. As my uncle said in the first quarter, “Hope springs eternal.”

In other news, I’m still pregnant. Hugely, hugely pregnant. Like, I’m making people nervous just by being near them pregnant. The stretch marks are unbelievable. I am thinking about wearing the $6 size enormous WalMart cotton shorts to church today. And I feel like no one would blame me. At least there will be snacks there.

Okay, I’ve killed a little more time. I hope y’all have a great day. I’m going to try to creep into the kitchen and get something nice and quiet like a banana before I faint now.

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