Happy one month, Case!

Case Don is a month old today! And we are all still alive! I feel like that is a victory.

I’m holding him now, at 5:45 am, and thought I might as well take this chance, before Tornado Jack wakes up, to make a little post commemorating the day.

He’s kind of a hot mess. He’s a pretty cute guy but poor thing has bad acne, cradle cap on his forehead and clogged tear ducts that make his eyes gunky half the time. It’s the awkward phase of newbornhood, I guess.

I think his eyes will be a light blue. He looks a lot like Jack but he doesn’t really remind me of him because his facial expressions are very different. Jack was always pretty serious looking but Case has a big happy grin (and I swear he chuckles in his sleep since like day one) and a pretty intense sad face. He is feeling the feelings. I think he looks like my grandpa Ray.

I feel like he eats every five seconds but I guess it takes a lot of fuel to keep his big self going. At this moment he is wearing a 3 month outfit. Not 0-3 month.

He doesn’t like being awake and not being held. Play time on a blanket? Yeah, no thanks. Maybe his love language is touch.

He has rolled from tummy to back a couple times and is every bit as squirmy and wiggly as Jack was. And I’m barely even drinking caffeine this time!

We are pretty proud of our tall boy and feel like he has completed our family like the little cherry on top of the sundae.


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