I’m an old creepy, inappropriate lady

Today my sweet husband had me pump some milk for the little guy and let me get out by myself for a bit. So, after lunch with my oldest and dearest pal, I was leisurely driving down a back road near our house, listening to Prime Country and generally enjoying my freedom and my flannel shirt and Uggs.

A pickup pulled out of a pasture and onto the road before briefly turning down the driveway (you know how the pasture gate is right by the driveway) and a girl of probably about twelve was kneeling on the toolbox looking like she was having a grand old time just riding for fun. When I went past she put her hands in the air and did a kind of double fist pump as if to say “Hey, fellow human! This crisp fall air feels great blowing in my gorgeous hair and I’m so young and carefree! Whoohoo!” And it made me happy so I honked a quick double honk to say “Yeah, girl! Have fun!”

And then she turned around and stared at me all the way down the driveway to either figure out if she knew me or to let me know she thought I was super creepy and inappropriate. Such is my life.

Listen, young lady- I’m both!

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