Driving twenty miles to the gym

What a day, what a day. I’m pretty sure I woke up tired and possibly cranky. And then I hung out with a two year old for two hours and I was tempted to start drinking at 8am. And it wasn’t even a game day.

I love Jack so much but I totally get what all the “terrible twos” hype is about. Attitude, emotion, irrational opinions and ENERGY THAT DOESNT STOP. At least that’s how it is around here. There is continual very loud talking/singing as the soundtrack to all the jumping/climbing/head butting and attempted tackling. So, sometimes when I just feel the need to (that’s funny for a mom to say because who really cares what your “needs” are) drink a cup of coffee in the semi-dark with only the sound of maybe the refrigerator running, it seems like my ears might explode.

I have to pretend to go fishing approximately 87 times per day and if I catch the wrong color of fish (remember, it’s an imaginary fish), I am berated. There is so much sword fighting and I ALWAYS have to be Captain Hook. At least I’m not Mr. Smee- that’s Spencer’s job. Sometimes he likes to put things in the bathtub and then panic because they got water on them.

There’s a lot of walking on eggshells (by me) because you never know what might set him off. It’s a pretty volatile situation.

So this morning I decided we should go to the gym RIGHT NOW because I felt like I might be vibrating because of how I was about to explode. So we did and Case screamed half the way there and Jack chattered the whole way there but we made it and a nice (yet refreshingly stern) grandmotherly lady played with my babes while I exercised and listened to a nice calm adult podcast about being a grace-filled mom.

Then 45 minutes had gone by and I had to go breastfeed Case and we all went home after that in a much better mood.

Moral of the story: two year old boys are literally insane little tornado creatures and that’s just how it is. And babies don’t sleep that great at night and that’s just how it is. And the prep/drive time to get to and from the gym with these two little gems will take three times as long as I’m able to exercise and that’s just how it is. I should definitely always go anyway.

Motherhood is teaching me flexibility, especially in regards to my schedule. I’m learning to calm the control and accept inefficiency.

Motherhood is sanctifying.

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