Holidays are here again falalalala

Today’s post is brought to you by Case sleeping through the night for the first time! He looks so much cuter today.

I was just breastfeeding him and realized I was also eating (with a fork!) and checking facebook all at the same time. I’m now feeling very accomplished and like a parenting magazine may want to feature me soon.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. I had a grand old time getting to see almost everyone on both sides of my family and eating all the assorted “salads” that really are nothing like a salad. We topped it off Saturday night by taking the boys to the local Christmas parade where we didn’t even need jackets. Not even a windbreaker! Not even a hoodie!

Speaking of weather, yesterday it was 65 degrees. Today it’s 35 degrees.

I put up our tree on Friday because it was the only thing I could think of to do to avoid the laundry. I got out the decorations and found the “baby’s first Christmas” ornament I bought for Jack in 2012 with still no picture in it. Probably because I didn’t take a picture. I guess I’ll get one for Case and do the same thing just so it’s fair. Not because I’m disorganized/lazy or anything.

Jack was so cute and funny about the tree. He kept saying “wow, it’s beautiful!” Christmas is so much more fun with kids around. That kid is a nut. He keeps asking to drive my car (do I have to listen to this for fourteen more years until he is old enough?!) and telling me all about his seven cows
that he needs to put in the trailer.

Ok, that’s all I have to tell for now. Love y’all. Peace out.

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