2014 recap as best as I can

Okay, let’s make this quick because I have two sleeping kids!

On January 9th, we found out I was pregnant again! It was a pretty normal morning with Jack running around and Spencer in bed answering emails before getting dressed for work. I thought, “I’ll just take a test for the heck of it.” And there it was! Thank you, Lord!

It was also in January when we went to stay at the Abney Ranch and take care of things while mom and Larry were gone. That was Spencer’s test to see what he thought about moving to Purcell. That was another positive test for January. P.S. I was not feeling so hot while feeding horses in my first trimester. I never actually threw up but I was a lot more nauseous the second time around than I was with Jack.

The next couple months were spent with me laying around as much as possible when I had a toddler, and enjoying time with my MOPs group. Also selling our house. That was really not fun and very stressful because I so wanted to move to Purcell before baby Case got here.

In April I turned officially old and Spencer planned a fun birthday party for me at Red Pin bowling alley in Bricktown. Jack was a handful. Most of my main people were there and I was happy to see everyone.

In May we got to move home to my grandparents’ house they bought in the late ’60’s and where I lived with my mom for a few years. It is so nice to be among people who really know me and who I really know back.

Then in June my sister moved back too! So we spent the summer sitting in the shade while the kids played in the water hose, at the AWESOME water park in Pauls Valley, and trying to get this house cleaned up and painted when we could. It was actually a pretty cool summer and I thanked the Lord for that as I waddled around after Jack and remembered how hot it was the summer he was born.

In September little big baby Case came. His birth was as horrifying a birth as I can imagine for one that ended with a healthy mom and baby. Gah, I’m sweating just thinking about it. The decision to have zero more kids is made and solidified and written in stone and sealed.

The next few months have been a blur because of sleep deprivation but I must give credit to my favorite person, my Spencer, for helping with the sleeping. We have slept in shifts and it was extremely helpful for getting through the newborn stage. Case has been no good at sleeping and I blame it mainly on the fact that he is huge and always hungry. I’ve gotten out and about and done a lot more with Case as a newborn than I did with Jack and I think that would help me not get such bad baby blues. Which it did I guess for the first three months but here we are again now. Oh, well.

The holidays were super crazy and tiring and now it is 2015 and I have no plans other than to manage and survive all the phases and constantly changing routines that come with having an infant.

Happy New Year, friends!

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