The beautifulness

Well, I’m just feeling like the world is a beautiful place and the golden glow of sunshine is upon my face. And apparently I’m so over the top cheerful that I’m rhyming.

Last night my wonderful, perfect little (big) cherub baby slept from 8pm until 5:30am. Yeah. Thank you, Jesus. He is about a week away from his 5 month anniversary of exiting my body and he is confirming what a few of us already thought as evidenced by these past statements:

“I wish my babies could be born five months old.”- my sister when Jack was about three months old.

“The first six months were the slowest of my life and the second six months the quickest.”-me on Jack’s first birthday when a relative asked if it had flown by.

“Yeah, this is when it gets not so horrible.”- A friend when I was at her house about four months ago and complimenting her on her sweet five month old.

So, as you can see, for those of us who don’t consider the newborn stage to be our favorite, five months is a great age. Our Case is just growing up on us. He’s rolling and scooting and either laughing or crying. Where Jack was mostly very level and serious, Case is either cheerful or angry. Wonder who he takes after? He is pretty sure that he should be a big boy who can walk and talk by now so sometimes he gets a little frustrated when his efforts at mobility are proven futile.

Even more exciting about Case’s full night of sleep is that Jack also slept well. This was shocking because we had to take him to the ER last night after a few wheezing spells that scared us to death. Jack generally has a little cough here and there because of allergies so I didn’t think much of it, especially after all the back and forth weather. But it gradually got worse and by the time he took a nap, he started coughing so bad it made him wheeze. He’s never done that before! Luckily friends were here so they occupied Case while Spencer hooked up a breathing machine (that we bought when he had bronchitis last year but never even used) and I stood in the bathroom with a steaming hot shower running. After that he seemed to feel good but just had a froggy throat. Then at bedtime the coughing/wheezing fits started again. So my mom came over to be with Case (yay for living in Purcell!) and we took him to the hospital where he had a great adventure. He was cracking the nurse up with his cheering “best day eber!” He really enjoys new activities. He was diagnosed with the croup or a virus (not the flu), given an oral steroid and sent home. So, by this point he had not only missed his nap for only the second time in his life but also was about three hours passed his bedtime. He told us he needed to go night night and climbed into bed and fell asleep. AND THEN HE SLEPT UNTIL 7am. What?! Amazing.

Sleeping is even more thrilling when you expect not to sleep. It’s the best ever. I might actually get this house straightened up today. Maybe.

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