Meet Minnie

Well, yesterday was a real heck of a day. We spent about ten hours driving across the Great State of Oklahoma, including breaks. And by breaks I mean pit stops in dirty gas stations (like when Jack started screaming that he needed to poop and thank goodness we weren’t far from an exit) and standing around in a WalMart parking lot. 

But all the chaos was worth it because we came home with this pretty lady.  


But let me describe the journey a little more for posterity. The fun began actually the night before when Case should’ve been sleeping but he felt like crying was the better option. So, we were a bit tired to begin with. Then Spencer asked me to drive so he could work on the way. I do not enjoy driving and I do not enjoy when a person is off work but still working but I realized it was for the common good so I complied. About twenty minutes into our trip, Spencer said “Boy, you’re gonna be fun today!” Which made me laugh inside but I kept the game face on so as not to encourage those kinds of remarks. So, that tells you how we began. 

But, the closer we got, the more we perked up at the prospect of having a vehicle for adventure and our (my) attitudes improved. 

The boys were surprisingly good. I really expected a lot more screaming about being trapped in a car seat the majority of the day, but they were real troopers. 

So, I drove them home amidst snack wrappers galore and Spencer drove Minnie home and by the grace of God we all made it. 

And now we just have to decide where to go. 

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