The Queen of Sheba

Yesterday I sat down during the boys’ naps and opened my Bible to catch up a little on my chronological in one year plan. And I thought/prayed kind of, “Okay, God, show me what you want me to see today. Don’t let me miss it.” Like I usually do when I’m in a hurry. The heading above 1 Kings 10 caught my eye, even though that’s not what I was supposed to be reading yet. “The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon.” Who do you think you are, the Queen of Sheba?! That’s my whole frame of reference for her story. That’s it. So, I read the eleven verses about her because I’m a rebel. No reading plan can hold me. 

Then, I got up to clean my kitchen and I turned on a podcast because that is what I do for enrichment- listen to insight whilst doing dishes. And I do enough dishes that before you know it, I’m going to be really really smart. 
Anyway, the podcast I turned on was boring because they were interviewing a person I’d already heard interviewed on a different podcast. So a couple minutes in, I switched to a different one. Guess what it was about. 

THE QUEEN OF SHEBA. Seriously. Never heard anything about the woman and then I’m bombarded with her yesterday. I’m not even so sure I would’ve known that she was in the Bible. 

So, I figured I should think on what I learned. I haven’t had an ah-ha moment or anything so I’m just going to note the things I now know about her and see where it applies sometime. No doubt it will. 

(If you’re playing along at home, read 1 Kings 10 first and this will make more sense.)

The trip from Sheba (modern day Yemen) to Jerusalem was about 1500 miles. On a camel, that would take about two months because apparently the camels didn’t really walk faster than people. AND they had to rest about as long as they traveled. So, two months to get there, rest for two months and two months back makes a six-month voyage. That’s a serious trip. Apparently she was pretty impressed with what she heard about Solomon’s wisdom and his God to make such a trip. So, I think she must’ve been a very curious type of woman who was interested in learning and gaining wisdom. 

I also think she was pretty bold. Maybe even brassy? She shows up at this magnificent palace to test the king with hard questions. But she was smart about it. She brought extravagant gifts including four tons of gold and the prized frankincense from her country. So, she’s boldly coming to quiz this man but she’s making it clear that she’s respectful and appreciative of his attention. 

My Bible notes in the sidebar that though she is impressed with the God of Israel, there is no evidence that she comes to know Him as her own rather than simply accepting Him as she would any other geographical God. However, others believe that when she praised the name of the Lord, she was announcing a dedication to Him. I don’t know. I think it would be odd, if she were not seeking after truth but rather just being nosy about Israel’s God to take a six-month trip just to hear about Him for the heck of it. 

Anyway, if you have anything to say about the relevance of the Queen of Sheba, please- lay it on me. 


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