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Spirit hunger. That’s the term she uses in this post I just read. I have that and so do you. 

Don’t you? Don’t you ever feel rushing water and pounding waves and you have to have air like NOW? Aren’t you ever flailing and grasping for a life saver that you can’t see? Don’t you ever feel an empty hole that you are in a panic to fill except you can’t figure out what goes there?

She calls those things, those life rafts and those things we use to fill up our empty spaces pacifiers. I can look back and see exactly which things I’ve used as pacifiers. I don’t even know when it started. 

 We don’t want to feel our feelings sometimes, right? 

I will spare you the story of every example I can think of (unless you need details and then please feel free to ask) but know that they run the gamut of options and include alcohol, food, sleep, men and nicotine. And those are just the ones I recognize. I’m lucky, I guess, that those distractions were good enough pacifiers that I didn’t ever get into drugs. But, all of it, every time, was because I wanted my mind to be at peace. 

And even though I became a Christian when I was eight, sanctification stalled out along the way and I never learned how to have His peace until I tried everything else. And until I didn’t have any other options. And sometimes, practically, it’s still hard to understand. Because I want to ask “How do I do that?” But I don’t do anything. I can’t get it for myself. I just have to ask God and let Him give it. 

This is a flag-waving post. Like, “Hey, that emptiness or restlessness you feel might not have anything to do with your job or your relationship or whatever other circumstance. It might be spirit hunger. And if it is, Jesus is the ONLY thing that can quench it rather than temporarily distract you from it.” 

I listened to a podcast the other day that might be relevant here. It’s the story of a man who tried every drug and every religion just to find meaning in life and who had suicide plans when he met the Lord. He’s also a pretty funny speaker. 

When I did realize I was spiritually malnourished, I had a hard time figuring out how to grow. Here are a few steps to get you on your way.  First, pray. If we will ask for wisdom, God promised to give it. It’s in the Bible. Next, read the Bible. I will help you find a Bible study tool if you want. Life church’s Bible app has a lot of options. And the other thing that’s important is to connect with other believers. Worship service on Sunday won’t cut it. You will need a community. Try Sunday school, life groups or group Bible studies. We aren’t meant to journey alone. That’s in the Bible too. 

I really love you. 

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