So, this is a typical adventure with the three amigos. When we start getting bored, look out! That has always been my downfall and I may have passed that onto my offspring. One of them for sure. They start beating on me and wrestling like way too much and then I can tell I’m about to freak out so I look on the internet for something to strike our fancy. So, today when the restlessness began to turn to chaos, we went to “Tadpole Time” at the Noble library which sounded precious this morning and now just sounds absurd and annoying.

I remember taking Jack to these story time things when he was Case’s age and even when Case was a newborn. I’ll be honest, I felt like an awesome super mom those days when I could discreetly nurse a baby while helping a two-year-old do a craft. They were few and far between, believe me. But now that Case is getting bigger and can understand more, we are venturing out to do some fun stuff again that isn’t just a playground. Man, I get tired of playgrounds! Anyway, when Jack was younger, he wasn’t so big on the story time and would usually wander around the room but he liked the singing and the crafts. Well, the door was not shut for Tadpole Time and Case kept leaving. Or laying on the floor kicking when I didn’t let him leave. And Jack kept saying “I don’t like story time. I want to go play with the toys out there. This is boring.” Like, not in a quiet voice. So, we went out to the kids area so they could play with toys while I picked out a few books. Well, apparently someone has taught Case to read (maybe it was that Tadpole lady) because he kept running to the “quiet area” and squealing as he ran through rows of books while Jack chased me (as I chased Case) with some possum puppet he had found and was biting my butt with it. So, I gathered up my tadpoles and tried to pay my fines and get the new stuff and I was sweating as I retrieved Case from behind the counter where the probably terrified librarian sat.

So, at this point, I’m starving and felt like we might as well keep the fun going. A couple years ago when I was 8 months pregnant, we met a friend at the Noble library and then she suggested we walk to Kendalls and eat INSIDE. I was shocked (because she had three littles) but also intrigued at her boldness. So, we went. And I sweated an awful lot and breathed heavily and thought it was six miles. But when we got there, they had a blessed toy area in the back! So, I thought we’d do that again today. I’m happy to report that the


walk as a non-pregnant lady was surprisingly short and all the dogs who tried to eat us on the way were confined by fences. But, alas, when we arrived, they were closed. JUNK! I could’ve eaten my arm by this point. Of course, the boys were well-stocked in snacks so don’t worry about the little angels. However, Jack was very concerned that we would now be forced to eat somewhere that didn’t have toys. Which we did, and that place is called Sonic and we have one of those in Purcell.


So Tadpole Time+Kendalls= BOOOO. I would like to know where is the kids time where they have a child proof fence and they have races, climbing, jumping and wrestling with adult-friendly good food. I also need it to be free and climate-controlled. Is that a lot to ask?

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