List of things you probably don’t need but might like

I am gearing up to leave for Declare Conference on Thursday and I could not be more excited. Spencer has been an eye witness to my enthusiasm and yesterday morning said “I’m happy for you and your conference.” 😏

Ever since blogging was invented, I’ve had a blog. It has always lacked direction and focus and okay, also polish, but that’s because I didn’t know what else to do. I am hoping to leave the conference with a plan and a project to work on. I need something besides laundry. 

But, while we wait for Thursday to roll around, I thought I could share a few things I’m really into right now and you might want to be too.

1. First of all, #nsale. That is the Nordstrom anniversary sale and it is insane. I’ve never known about it before but this was NOT the year for me to discover it (#oilfieldprobs). Basically, you can buy fall stuff at deep discounts. And after fiveish years of pregnancy, breastfeeding and lying to myself about losing “the baby weight,” my wardrobe is so seriously lacking. So, my plan is to save money for this specific purpose this year and have an outstanding fall wardrobe next year. I may plan a trip just to shop in person. It’s that serious. 

2. Next up is my two shows I’m into netflixing right now. One is Crazy Ex-girlfriend. It was a CW show and it is really smart and very funny. I try to squeeze it in at nap time while I fold laundry or lay in my bed and eat cheetos in peace. It makes me feel cheerful. 

The other show does not make me feel cheerful. In fact, Spencer and I usually watch it before bed and it gives me nightmares sometimes. I know I’m way late on this boat but I was busy being out doing things in the world when it aired. And that show is Lost. I really see what all the hype was about now. If anyone else hasn’t seen it, start now and we can have a series finale watch party together.

3. Book Bub. It is a daily email that lists ebooks that are on major discount sale or even free. When you sign up you can set your preferences so the results you get are tailored. I am not typically one to read books on devices because I don’t like to involve complicated technology with simple pleasures but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. 

4. The first book I found from Book Bub is so so good. I think it was $1.99 and is called The Nazi Officer’s Wife. It’s an autobiography of a Jewish woman during WWII who disguised her identity and married a Nazi officer. It’s fascinating and at times eerie in the familiar conversations we hear Americans having today. Someone read it so we can talk about it.  But I’m only on chapter four so don’t get too hasty.

5. Yall know I love podcasts. I always listen when I’m doing my nap time chores or driving without Jack in the car. Or when he’s asleep. Because he’s a big conversationalist. If you want a list of podcasts to check out, holla at your girl. But my newest one I like and have never mentioned here is The Pop Cast. It’s about pop culture and is hilarious. And the female host reminds me of Jillian, one of my favorite and best friends who I never see or talk to. 

This is a lot of material for me to be consuming. In my current life stage it’s hard to make time to read or watch a show but my spirits are surprisingly improved when I have topics to discuss besides the weather and how I can’t get my kids to eat. 

6. Voxer is a voicemail app that is kind of like using a walkie talkie. So, you know how you have friends and associates who you want/need to talk to but your schedules are different and also you hate talking on the phone? Use Voxer. It’s very handy. 

7. Okay, I think this is the last one. Touch Retouch is a photo editing app that you need! It’s not free but it’s only a couple bucks and it is so cool because you can delete things from your pics EASILY. Really. With just the swipe of your finger, you can remove unsightly power lines or that guy in a speedo from your family vacation pic. 

Okay, my loves. That was more things than I anticipated. Everyone have a Monday that feels like not-a-monday and let me know your thoughts and feelings on all these great discoveries. Now I’m going to mentally prepare myself to take my children to the library and then the grocery store. Prayers are appreciated.  

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