A review and…a giveaway! 

Hey, friends! 

Who has a case of the Mondays today? Wouldn’t it help to win some free stuff? I thought so. I got your back, girl. (Or guy, if you find yourself here.)

I am thrilled to be able to give a SET OF THREE Women of Faith study books to one reader. 

I also have a set. I just got them not long ago so I’ve only gotten into one of the books so far. If you read my last post, you’ll know it has been used in a mighty way from the first day I opened it up. 

I chose, for no particular reason, to begin with “Praying with Power.” It’s a really practical guide to growing your prayer time into a more intentional and strategic experience. There are twelve lessons (chapters), each with a different focus. This book covers topics like prayer closets, journaling prayers, how God answers and the ever-intimidating (dun dun duuuh) PRAYING OUT LOUD! You’re gonna have to do it some time, you might as well get prepared. 

One thing I really appreciated about this book is the way that the devotional portion was succint and then the next few pages have you answering questions and looking up tons of Scriptures that reinforce the central truth of the lesson. 

Each lesson can be completed in about fifteen minutes or you can really dive in and marinate on each verse (I’m telling you, there are a bunch for each topic) for an even richer learning time. 

At the end, there’s a review and leader guide. 

To enter to win your own set, just leave a comment here, on my Instagram post, or on my Facebook post letting me know which study you would start off with. I’ll pick a winner on Thursday morning. 

Building Your Strengths (Thomas Nelson, 2016) foreword from author and speaker Patsy Clairmont. Learn what Patsy means when she says this about gifts: “It comes so easily to us that we don’t get the big deal about it.” This is a 12-lesson study series where you examine what God says about your gifts and how He has given them to you to shine for Him. Learn how to embrace your strengths and know that they are needed in the kingdom – and how to access them! This book is about leaning on God in all situations and using your gifts to shine his light and glory.

Giving God Your Future (Thomas Nelson, 2016) foreword from Thelma Wells. “It sure makes life a lot easier to handle when all the responsibility of planning your future is left up to the Master of the Future.” – Thelma. In this book you will explore what Scripture says about giving everything to God and surrendering to Him. Throughout the 12 lessons you will be able to pray your way to giving up control and give Him your future. This study looks at what the Bible says about trusting God enough to give Him our all and being able to say, “Not my will, but Yours be done.”

Praying With Power (Thomas Nelson, 2016) foreword from author Patsy Clairmont. Patsy says, “Learn how to enter the privileged sanctuary of prayer.” This book has 12 lessons of reflection, exploring, and journaling prayers and scripture to help the reader understand your prayer attitudes and to find ways to get out of prayer ruts. The study inspires you to accept the invitation from God to pray boldly and discover prayer in the two-way conversation it was meant to be. Readers will navigate journaling prayers and how to pray their way through a desert or valley.

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